Day 13: The Gift of Community

How has community shaped your life?

Whether we’re born into them or choose to be a part of them - the communities we’re in have a powerful impact. They shape our thinking, they provide a sense of camaraderie, and if we choose wisely, they allow us to be our fullest selves.  

Community, in short, is responsible for bringing so much meaning into our lives.

It can also be the key to getting where we most want to go.

Press play to dive in.


"Your sense of self is built or broken by the company you keep" - Jedidiah Jenkins

Self Exploration:

  • Join Sonder Club on Facebook 
  • Take action on your asks and offers - what would you like to receive, and what would you like to contribute?
  • Explore stories of community in Like Streams to the Ocean by Jedidiah Jenkins


Coming Tomorrow, Day 14: Setting Stretch Goals