Day 19: Living Your Values

When you think about the big picture of your life, what do you hope for it to be about?

It’s easy to get lost in “the whats” of life - what job we will have, what home we will live in, what type of impact we’ll have. In contrast, we spend far less time thinking about “the how’s” of life - how will we treat others, how will we do our jobs, how will we build a meaningful life. 

Distilling our values is the way to define those “how’s.” 

Goals and dreams may come and go, but living our values is the marker for a life well-lived.

Press play to dive in.


“Find out who you are and do it on purpose” - Dolly Parton

Self Exploration:

  • Explore this list of core values
  • Add your core values to a spot in your journal you’ll regularly come back to 
  • Share your values with your partner, kids and friends 


Coming Tomorrow, Day 20: Pay It Forward