3 Tips to Kick Your Productivity into Full Gear

Upping your productivity game is one of the most crucial steps you can take when unleashing your inner boss. Ready to accomplish your goals and kick some major butt while doing it? We sure are! So sit down, pull out your Silk+Sonder and let your journey begin

Check out these three easy steps to kickstart your productivity today

1. The more the mess, the more the stress!

The easiest and most crucial step while trying to heighten your productivity is to get organized! How many times do you feel yourself scrambling throughout your day as you struggle to handle deadlines, duties, and engagements? All too often we imagine. Now picture yourself calm and collected with a thoroughly detailed and organized schedule in front of you. Weight lifted yet? We thought so. At the beginning of each week spend a few minutes with your Silk+Sonder planner highlighting and articulating each day’s tasks for the coming week and maybe even month! Try designating a section for your to-do list and check one item off that list each week. By finding ways to organize your day-to-day, you are one step closer to increasing your productivity and overall well being 

2. Start from the beginning  

How you start each morning plays a large role in your daily productivity. If you are waking up late, coffee dieting, and skipping out on your self-care routines, you won’t have the energy or motivation it takes to remain productive throughout your day. Try getting to bed at a reasonable hour to give your body the sleep it needs to wake up refreshed and alert, ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow. Find a morning routine that works best for you to keep your stress levels low and your productive spirits high!  

3. It’s OK to say no  

Learning how to say “no” is one of the most critical steps in your productivity journey. It can be easy to let the desire of public approval overpower your will to decline requests, but for the sake of your mental health it should be a requirement. Don’t become the “yes gal” at work, instead put yourself first and dedicate your time to the activities that will benefit your personal and career goals, before you take on any outside distractions. Having a busy day at the office? Try switching your daily coffee break with coworkers for a cup at your desk in order to proactively clear more off your schedule and minimize your stress. Remember, being productive begins with YOU, it’s time to step up and take charge! 

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