5 Ways To Practice Self-Care This Weekend

By Alyssa Hagman

All work and no play can be a recipe for burnout in no time.  When calendars are booking up with projects and invites, self-care is usually the last thing on our to-do list.  Pushing ourselves to exhaustion throughout the week in our professional and social lives is quite the norm in our “busy” centric world.  How could we reward ourselves with rest when it’s so unproductive?! But in reality, scheduling in dedicated “me” time weekly is so important to our health in helping to reduce stress, keep energy levels high, and creates space for a better work-life balance.  Here are five easy ways you can schedule in self-care this weekend

1. Exercise.

Taking a break for a quick walk around the block or a 20 minute jog in the park can help get your heart rate up and clear your mind.  Spending time outdoors is a simple, yet effective way to uplift your mood. Put in your headphones, turn to your favorite song, take a few deep breaths and soak in the scenery

2. Unplug from technology for an hour.

Is your phone the first thing you reach for when you wake up in the morning or scrolling through before going to bed in the evenings?  Setting aside time to “disconnect” from social media can help you appreciate the here-and-now a little more. Whatever time of day you decide to unplug, take that time to make a gratitude list, take a nap, or read a few chapters of your favorite book.  I promise, Instagram will still be there when you reconnect!

3. Talk to a friend or professional.

Stress can weigh us down and really affect our mental health.  Call up a friend to talk through any struggles that happened in your week or make an appointment with a professional.  A counselor can be a great resource to help you navigate through some tough issues

4. Treat yo’ self to a spa day!

A hot bubble bath, massage or mani / pedi can make a girl feel like Beyonce... Am I right?  Whether you set up your own at home spa day or make a trip to the local spa, take some time to feel luxurious! You deserve to feel your best

5. Check in on your monthly Silk + Sonder habit tracker.

Planning out ways for productive self-care throughout the month can seem overwhelming.  But with Silk + Sonder’s habit tracker, you can see your goals in a thoughtfully designed planner to  bring inspiration into your every day, week, and month. Your goals never looked so good!

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