6 Reasons a Detox from Social Media is Good for Self-Care

By Alyssa Hagman 

We live in a world where our every move is documented to followers and friends.  From posting our daily routines, trips around the globe, or the next fashion trend in tweets and Insta stories, we are more connected to our phones now than ever.  It is said that an average person looks at their phone around 75+ times a day; Most not even realizing they are doing it! Cutting off your favorite social media platforms cold turkey is unlikely when technology is part of our daily lives, but taking a detox for a weekend or even one month can provide many benefits for balancing your overall self-care.

  • Conquer Your FOMO [Fear of Missing Out]
  • Do you struggle with FOMO?  Social media is highly addictive, especially when others people post about things you feel you might be missing out on like a big party or event.  Conquer the fear of missing out by having your friends actually call or meet up with you to discuss what is happening in their lives or what’s new in the world.  Crazy, right? You can still participate in things, just without the screen time. Win!

  • Eliminate the Comparison Game
  • This goes along with FOMO.  Social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook are notorious for featuring only our best highlight reel to others, which leads to the comparison game.  When you look at what others have or are doing and compare yourself to what season you are in, you tend to not appreciate where you are. Posts are so selective and what is failed to be seen most times is hidden behind the screen.  Everyone struggles with some battle of their own. Take time during your detox to appreciate what season of life you are in and the things you have.

  • Live in the Present Moment
  • Documenting your life at any given moment is a great way to stay connected to your family and friends.  The downfall to this is when you stay behind the screen and letting the joy of the present moment pass you by.  A moment you can never experience again. Take the picture to remember, but most importantly pause and ENJOY. It’s way more fun to experience life free without a phone in your hand worrying about how many likes you’ll get, when in reality, that moment is immeasurable!


  • Improve Your Mood
  • Now that you have conquered FOMO, eliminated comparison, and are living in the present, you must be feeling good!  Studies have shown that the more time you spend on social media could increase your chances of developing depression and anxiety.  If you are someone who already struggles with these battles, a detox might be a great way to improve your self-esteem, release negative headspace and heal how you view yourself and the world around you.

  • Develop Positive Habits During Your Free Time
  • By detoxing from social media you will gain free time you would have ultimately been wasting otherwise.  By not checking on your ex’s profile, or getting trapped in the cousin’s sister’s roommate’s page that you somehow end up on, you can now use this time to start developing new positive habits that you’ve always wanted to do or break old ones. Put on a face mask.  Take time to journal. Reach for a good book instead of the phone.

  • Productivity
  • Which leads us to productivity..  Between developing new habits and gaining back some free time, you can accomplish a lot more on your to-do list.  You may be surprised that we spend an average of 1-2 hours a day looking at social media. In an hour, you could get in that gym workout you said you’d do tomorrow, or that pile of laundry sitting in your closet.  Self-care is the best care. Try taking some time off from the platforms this weekend and see how you can use these experiences to balance your time when you rejoin!

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