November Sticker Pack

November Sticker Pack

The November Sticker Pack is made with an all-new material that easily allows you to write on top of them. So get your pens ready! 

Our sticker packs are custom made to match the design & style of the upcoming November journal. Enjoy the ability to fill out the Habit and Mood trackers, decorate the Weekly spreads, or repurpose the Notes pages with our beautiful stickers. Have fun journaling in style while matching the same color theme as your November journal.

*The November Sticker Pack will ship out mid October!


Product Details & Features

(1) - Hexagon sticker sheet (Mood tracker)

(1) - Dots sticker sheet (Habit tracker)

(1) - Washi sticker sheet (Notes/Weekly spread)

(1) - Flags sheet (Notes/Weekly spread)

(1) - Variety sheet (All pages)


Free Shipping! The November Sticker Pack will ship out mid-October, more than enough time to arrive before November 1st.

“What’s beautiful about Silk+Sonder is that it provides enough guidance to get you started but enough flexibility to truly make it your own. You’re in the driver’s seat.”

Creator of Silk + Sonder


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