Our Story

SILK + SONDER is the first ever monthly planning experience aimed to empower you to live the life you've always wanted. Inspired by a new theme every month, we hand-curate, design, and deliver each issue straight to your doorstep. 

Each month's issue includes a blend of productivity and planning, introspection and mindfulness, and lifestyle content. Over time, we are committed to understanding your unique preferences and motivations to provide you with the most authentic experience as well as the opportunity to start afresh, every month. 

Always on the search for your ‘perfect planner’? So were we. 

We’re shocked that for centuries, we’ve subscribed to a culture that celebrates new “year” resolutions and sells “annual” planners. What a stifling framework to live in - a once-a-year opportunity to reset and then we’re stuck… for another 364 days after that. Why can’t we try again every month, every week, every day even? Why couldn't there be a pocket of inspiration to look forward to each month? A new beginning to get us closer to our dreams.

We’ve tried committing to yearly planners, blank diaries, and everything in-between. Nothing quite stuck - so we decided to create a product that we’d been craving for decades: one in which art, design, and travel intersect with formulas for productivity, passion, and focus. We’ve been obsessed with making these little hand-crafted, thoughtfully designed, and diversely curated gems with love and joy, and we look forward to delivering that happiness to your doorstep, every month. 

With Love, 

Meha, Your SILK + SONDER Creator