Wellness could be hard. So we make it easy.


About Silk + Sonder: What is Silk + Sonder?
We are a mental wellness platform and community committed to making daily self-help and self-care easy from the comfort of your home. As part of your membership, you receive a new thoughtfully curated, guided monthly journal (yes, analog!) inspired by positive psychology and access to our members-only community and virtual programming for peer-to-peer support and inspiration.
About Silk + Sonder: What makes Silk + Sonder special?
Our analog-first, community-driven approach is rooted in principles of positive psychology. We want to solve the emotional health epidemic for our customers versus be a band-aid fix. At its core, Silk + Sonder is a space for mindfulness, journaling, planning, tracking, and creative expression—all in one.
About Silk + Sonder: Our story
Silk + Sonder was founded by Meha Agrawal, a former software engineer and product manager, who found herself in an emotional rut with the same disjointed, isolating, and self-navigated options most of us have today: therapy felt intimidating, coaching was expensive, anxiety medications seemed risky, and meditation apps were quite frankly…boring. While all potentially viable options for improving her mental wellness, simply finding and engaging with any of these felt onerous and insufficient. She longed for deeper connection and accountability - eventually discovering the therapeutic power of pen to paper and peer-driven support. The profound impact it left on her life left her no choice but to quit her stable job and dedicate her time and energy to bring an approachable, impactful solution to others' mental wellness, worldwide.
About Silk + Sonder: Why analog?
In today’s digital world where we are bombarded with endless notifications and picture-perfect comparisons, we’ve forgotten to lean on simplicity and science. As humans, we crave intimacy and connection with ourselves and others. Journaling and writing happens to be one of the best mediums to disconnect in order to reconnect. Specifically, clinical psychologists and their research has confirmed that journaling helps heal trauma, increase IQ and memory, alleviate anxiety and stress, and more.
About Silk + Sonder: Why don’t you offer an annual product?
We're not just another planner or agenda so annual doesn't really make sense for us. We understand that as humans, we are constantly evolving. Sometimes things go as planned and sometimes life presents uncertainties. We provide you the tool to start afresh or go deeper in your practice every month - and the opportunity to give us feedback on what's working and what's not, so we get better every time. .
About Silk + Sonder: Our Brand Pillars
At Silk + Sonder, everything we do is centered around the 4 C's: Clarity (inspiring mental clarity), Compassion (practicing self-compassion and compassion towards others), Creativity (encouraging space for creative expression and play), and Connection (fostering deeper connection with ourselves and others).
About Silk + Sonder: What’s inside?
Ready-made, inspiring layouts to track your moods, habits, meals, sleep, expenses, and more. Weekly and monthly calendar spreads for easy planning. Guided prompts aligned to the monthly theme. Evidence-based life-coaching exercises for mindfulness and productivity. Self-care activities to heighten self-awareness. Blank notes pages to make Silk + Sonder your own. Watch a flip through of one of our journals here!
About Silk + Sonder: What does Silk + Sonder mean?
Hear from our Founder and CEO, Meha Agrawal, on the meaning of Silk + Sonder. I stumbled upon the word 'Sonder'- a made up word from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. It has a profound meaning as the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own - populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries, and inherited craziness - an epic story that continues invisibly around you. To me what was fascinating is that we all seem to feel this heaviness / complexity of life in isolation on our own path - yet it's such a similar feeling we all feel. 'Silk' is our way of adding softness and smoothness to that otherwise complex feelings of life.
Gifting: Where can I purchase a gift?
You can purchase a gift here!
Gifting: What type of personalization do you offer for gifts?
We love making your gift recipient feel special!Personal Note Options: While checking out with your gift, you have the option to write a personal note to your gift recipient. We will send that note with the first month of their gift subscription. If you choose not to send a personal note, the Silk + Sonder team will still send a note to your gift recipient, specifying who the gift is from. Last, if you prefer to print out and share a special note with your gift recipient, you may click here to download our print-at-home gift note option.Gift Wrap:We gift wrap the first journal of every gift subscription to create a special unboxing, surprise-and-delight experience for your gift recipient. Please note: These offerings apply only to our 3 Month gift option at this time. If you’d like to ask about personalization for a kids edition, please reach out to hello@silkandsonder.com These gift options will begin for our January 2021 planners. Any orders placed before November 26th will not have these offerings.During checkout for your gift, you can write your giftee a special note that we will send out with their first-month gift! If you don’t include a note our team will still send out a note addressed to the giftee letting them know who the gift is coming from. We also will wrap the first gift sent, creating an amazing gift unwrapping experience! In addition, if you’d like to print out and share a special note with the gift from home you can click here to download our print at home gift note option.
Gifting: When can I expect my gift to arrive?
If you order before the 20th of the month, you can expect your order to arrive by the 1st of the following month. At this time we cannot rush-ship gifts or guarantee a specific arrival date.Please note: you have until the 25th of each month to purchase the upcoming month’s journal. If you purchase after the 25th your gift will be for the following month. Example: It is December 27th and you make a gift purchase. Your giftee will receive their gift for our February journal arriving by February 1st. If it is after the 25th and you’d like to still send a gift for the upcoming month please fill out this form, contact our customer care team at hello@silkandsonder.com, or keep an eye out in your inbox after you have placed your gift order for instructions on how to opt-in to receive the current month's S+S.
Gifting: What if I want my gift subscription to start for a specific month?
For example, you are purchasing now in December but want the gift recipient to receive the first subscription in March for their birthday. If you’d like your gift to arrive for a future month please reach out to hello@silkandsonder.com. If your gift order hasn’t shipped yet our customer care team can update your gift order to arrive for a date in the future.
Gifting: Where do I add my gift recipient’s address?
You can email our customer care team and provide all addresses by reaching out to hello@silkandsonder.com.
Gifting: How do I get a refund for my gift?
You can purchase a gift here!
Gifting: Will my gift recipient receive emails about their gift subscription?
If you’d like your giftee to receive emails about their subscription and updates from us here at Silk + Sonder you can fill out this form. At this time we cannot send tracking info directly to your gift recipient and suggest forwarding any tracking updates you receive from us each time we ship their planners out.
Gifting: Will my subscription automatically renew?
Our Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual subscriptions all automatically renew. Any Gift Subscriptions will not automatically renew.
How to order: How do I sign up?
So excited to have you join the Silk + Sonder family! To sign up, please check out all of our product offerings here!
How to order: What are your subscription options?
We offer a variety of subscription options including 1, 3, and 12 months. Purchase a Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual subscription to begin your journey with S+S today!
How to order: When do I need to order by to receive next month’s journal?
You have until the 25th of each month to order our upcoming month’s planner. If you order after the 25th you will be automatically opted into the following month.For example: if you order on or before December 25th you will receive January as your first month. If you order on or after December 26th you will receive February as your first month.
How to order: If I missed the cutoff to receive next month’s journal is there a way for me to still order and receive it?
Yes! If we haven’t sold out you can request to order by filling out our early start form here . If you need any additional assistance please reach out to our customer care team at hello@silkandsonder.com.
Subscription + Account Management: How do I upgrade my subscription?
In order to upgrade your Monthly Subscription please do the following: Cancel your monthly subscription by first logging into your account Select “Other” and include a note that says “upgrading subscription” You can also reach out to us at hello@silkandsonder.com we can help make sure everything has upgraded correctly. To upgrade your Quarterly or Gift Subscription, please email us at hello@silkandsonder.com and our Customer Care Team will be able to further assist! Please note: We recommend that you upgrade your subscription on or after the 26th of the month to avoid receiving two of the same planners.
Subscription + Account Management: How do I update my address?
To update your address please login to your account. Once logged in go to “Manage Subscriptions” → Addresses and click the arrow to edit your address on file. Please make sure to update your address before the 10th of the month to ensure your planner goes out to the right location! If you have any trouble logging in or want to ensure your address is correct, please reach out to our team hello@silkandsonder.com.
Subscription + Account Management: I am having trouble logging in. How do I reset my password?
To reset your password please go to your login page and click “Forgot your Password”. We will send you a password reset email.
Subscription + Account Management: How do I pause my subscription?
If you need to pause your subscription for a few months, please reach out to hello@silkandsonder.com and our Customer Care team will be able to further assist!
Subscription + Account Management: Will my subscription automatically renew?
Our Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual subscriptions all automatically renew. Any Gift Subscriptions will not automatically renew.
Subscription + Account Management: How do I cancel my subscription?
We hate to see you go, if there anything we can do to keep you in the Silk + Sonder family please reach out before canceling to hello@silkandsonder.com! If you still want to cancel, you can cancel your subscription by logging into your account, going to “Manage Subscriptions” → “edit” on active subscriptions → “cancel subscriptions” [located at the bottom of the page]. Any prepaid orders (like our Quarterly, Annual, and Gift Subscriptions) will continue to ship, but by canceling you will not be charged again. Please cancel on or before the 9th of the month to avoid any unwanted orders.
Subscription + Account Management: Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately, because we are a print to order business, we are unable to refund or cancel any orders that have already been created and charged. In addition, we are unable to offer refunds for any prepaid subscriptions. By purchasing the Quarterly, Annual, or Gift Subscription, you are responsible for the upfront subscription cost. We are unable to provide any full or partial refunds due to our print to order business model.
Sonder Club: What is Sonder Club and how do I join?
Sonder Club is a private community for Silk + Sonder subscribers. While we know many of you love our product already, we also believe in fostering an even stronger Silk + Sonder experience through the power of accountability, support, and connection. If you are a current subscriber with us and not part of the club yet check it out here! We’d love to see you in the group!
Sonder Circles: What are Sonder Circles?
Sonder Circles are our guided journaling workshops that offer intimate groups of prospective and existing members the opportunity to practice deeper compassion and connection with oneself and others. Our facilitators create a safe space through authentic relating exercises, journaling prompts, and elevated reflection to empower you to feel calm and centered after every session. To join an upcoming Sonder Circle, check out our upcoming events here.
Sonder Circles: How do I sign up?
To join an upcoming Sonder Circle, check out our upcoming events here!
Kids: What is Silk + Sonder for kids?
Sonder Kids is our thoughtfully curated monthly wellness journal for children ages 6-12. Aligned to a new playful theme each month, your child will receive a variety of interactive activities along with an opportunity for them to reflect and set intentions daily. We offer a Monthly Kids subscription - to learn more go here!
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