About Sonder Circles

Sonder Circles are guided self-care and journaling workshops that foster clarity and connection through pen, paper, and conversation.

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Meagan Adams

A facilitator, a writer & editor, a fashion-lover, a former actress, a foodie, a family woman, and an animal-lover

Malika Agrawal

A strategy consultant, cybersecurity specialist, DIYer, classical pianist, Netflix binger, aspiring chef, wine enthusiast, and world explorer

Meha Agrawal

A founder & CEO, software engineer, dreamer, dancer culinary enthusiast and world traveler

Bri Christiano

Builder of operational teams, lover of the outdoors and great food, enjoys a great documentary, blessed with amazing people in my life, dog mom

Kristen Corbisiero

A media strategist, yogi, bookworm, plant mom, tarot reader, hiker, baker, and cheese board enthusiast

Katherine Gideon

An oceanographic conservationist, Navy veteran, nerdy bookworm, avid theater-goer, trivia fanatic and car karaoke specialist.

Bailey Grady

A Client Support Specialist, Millennial, Researcher, Curiosity Curator, Shower Curtain Singer, Disney Fanatic, Home Chef, and Cat Mom.

Jennifer Krippner

I am passionate about transforming workplace culture, positively impacting the human experience, and being a fierce advocate for connecting people, concepts and change.

Katie Lehn

A potter, former nutrition counselor, dancer, sunshine seeker, cookie lover and dog snuggler

Karen Lovelace

A teacher, fitness instructor, hiker, traveler, cheese enthusiast, wife, rescue dog mom

Mya Martin-Glenn

A life-long learner who loves meeting new people, traveling to new places, and singing off-key while driving

Jennifer Ogilvie

A former early childhood administrator, empty nester, gardener, planner, and maker

Sara Prichard

An educator, a wife, a mom, reader, lifelong learner, and a passionate ally.

Jen Raber

A wife, mother, bank manager and traveler

Stephanie Reaves

A social worker, a nature lover, a cook, and an explorer!

Meg Steele

A lifelong learner, burned-out corporate executive, artist, mother, lover, nomad gypsy.