Annual Supplement

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Silk + Sonder’s annual supplement serves as the perfect companion to our monthly wellness journals. This edition offers ample room to discover and prioritize large aspirations, keep track of ongoing lists, and break down big goals into executable chunks so that you never lose sight of your values. You can finish this in one sitting and reference throughout the year or you can complete on your own time over the months - this is your compass to align you with the bigger, bolder dreams you have for yourself. Inspired by life coaching techniques, bullet journal layouts, and positive psychology research, this annual, evergreen supplement of Silk + Sonder will empower you to define life on your terms and live intentionally, every day. 

Example Layouts Include:
  • Wildest Dreams & Goal Mapping
  • Bucket List
  • Vision Board
  • Movies / Shows List
  • Savings Tracker
And much, much more to further support your monthly experience with Silk + Sonder.

  • 56 Pages
  • 100# Cover, 70# Pages
  • 7.5" x 8.5"
  • Saddle-Stitched
  • Dateless