New Cover, New Content,
New Layouts

A new month, a new you.

Each month, our team of productivity, design, and content experts create themed notebooks filled end to end with bullet journal inspired planning frameworks and lifestyle content.

Anything you don't finish, don't worry. You'll receive another opportunity the next month to start all over.

Straight to Your Doorstep

Browse art, design, travel, and food inspirations alongside frameworks to inspire you to step outside your own routine.

Use our journaling prompts to set intentions, track your progress, practice mindfulness, or simply to remind yourself of how special you are.

Transform Your Collection
into Decor

Documenting your life and thoughts creates priceless pieces of memorabilia. Who you are right now is special; you'll never be the same person again.

Don't throw away old booklets. With our gorgeous covers, we guarantee that this will add a little color and nostalgia in your room, on your desk at work,