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This 90-Day Working Mom Work-Life Balance Makeover Is For You If...

  • You want to spend quality time with your family and be an inspirational role model, but find it hard to balance work and life
  • You feel overwhelmed with managing household duties and career demands at the same time
  • You have little time for self-care and personal development
  • You sometimes lack confidence and have the fear of failure in pursuing your professional goals
  • You feel stressed and anxious about what the future holds if you don’t find work-life balance

With the 90-Day Working Mom Work-Life Balance Makeover, we’re giving you the step-by-step roadmap to unlocking the mind clarity, direction, and action steps to the personal and professional fulfillment you’ve been searching for.


What’s Included In My 90-Day Makeover?

First of all, here’s the goal: 

To reclaim quality family time and be an inspirational role model, by having an organized schedule, clear roadmap, and mind clarity that allows both your professional and personal life to thrive.

To accomplish this, you will get 4 things:

Physical Themed Journal-Meets-Planners, 1 Delivered Every Month: Stay more organized and less stressed, set clear goals, manage your day efficiently and win back hours for what truly matters.

Weekly Expert-Led Virtual Classes: From managing anxiety to achieving work-life balance, these classes are like gym sessions for your personal growth, designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Mini Meditations & Guided Coaching Modules: Feel better instantly & quickly refresh your mind with bite-sized meditation breaks - perfect between intense meetings or chaotic family activities.

Supportive Community Access: Join an online community of working moms. Share, learn, and grow with those who truly understand the juggle.

Get all of this to master your work-life balance and build a more fulfilling life for just $74.85.

You Will Learn How To:

Master Work-Life Balance: Achieve a fulfilling balance between career and family with our proven tools and strategies for organization and managing your day.

Create More Flexibility & Freedom: Adopt a flexible schedule that honors your professional ambitions and cherishes family time, ensuring you’re present where it counts.

Achieve Everyday Fulfillment & Success: Thrive with a supportive community of like-minded moms, learn how to set clear goals and build a clear roadmap to achieve them.

Manage Anxiety & Stress: Your new 5-minute daily journaling ritual will remind you of your goals and give you clarity on how to conquer your day.

We've Helped Thousands Of Working Moms Transform Their Lives

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90-Day Working Mom Work-Life Balance Makeover

$253.85 $74.85 (You save $175)

  • Master work-life balance
  • Create more flexibility and freedom in your life
  • Achieve your goals and feel fulfilled
  • Manage anxiety and stress

For a limited time, we’re including 3 Masterclass bonuses valued at $149 for free.


After the first 3 months, subsequent 3-month periods will be billed at $74.85. Cancel anytime.

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Start Your Makeover Today & Get These Bonuses For Free (Worth $149!)


“From Chaos To Clarity” Masterclass: Learn how to stay organized while juggling motherhood and your career.



“Stress To Success” Masterclass: Learn how to manage stress in both your personal and professional life.



“Build Your Self-Care Routine” Masterclass: Learn how to build a long lasting ritual that balances family time and me-time.

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What Will the 90 Days Look Like?

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Month 1: Laying The Foundations For Mastering Work-Life Balance

  • You’ll get immediate access to our members-only community and see stories of other working moms achieving their goals
  • You’ll receive your first journal-meets-planner at your doorstep
  • Browse through the inspiration section in our app to begin filling out your planner
  • Begin the Daily Rituals Foundations course, led by Founder & CEO of Silk + Sonder, to build your new 5-minute per day habit (this will keep you on track!)
  • Begin setting intentions, personal and professional goals, and gaining self-awareness of what changes you need to integrate into your life to achieve better work-life balance
  • Attend a weekly expert-led class with fellow working moms
  • Bonus: Watch the “Take Chaos to Clarity” masterclass and learn how to stay organized while juggling motherhood and your career

Month 2: Start To Experience Change & What It Feels Like To Live a Balanced, Fulfilled Life

  • Receive your second journal-meets-planner, delivered straight to your doorstep with a new theme and new prompts
  • Review your progress from your first month, write your reflections and set new goals and intentions based on your new learnings of yourself
  • Access a new set of audio reflections aligned to this month’s theme to stay organized and on-track to mastering work-life balance
  • Ask questions in Sonder Club and continue attending weekly setups (available live or on-demand)
  • Optimize routine by committing to an expert-led class to keep you motivated
  • Continue with your ritual and experiment with different ways to organize your days
  • Bonus: Watch the “Stress to Success” masterclass and learn how to manage stress

Month 3: Turn Your New Routine & Balanced Life Into a Habit That Lasts

  • Receive your third journal-meets-planner with yet another new theme and new prompts to help you stick to your new organized schedule and ensure you’re making time for what matters most
  • Review your progress from your first two months, write your reflections and new intentions to achieve your goals based on your new learnings of yourself
  • Continue listening to Daily Rituals audio reflections to commit to your new organized schedule and routine
  • Bonus: Now that you’re an expert and have higher self-awareness, watch “Build Your Self-Care Routine” to have a long lasting ritual that balances family time and me-time


What is the 90-Day Working Mom Work-Life Balance Makeover?

This 90-Day plan is America's #1 transformational program for working moms who seek to master their work-life balance and build a more fulfilling life.

Who is it for?

It is designed for working moms who want to spend quality time with their family, feel organized, and be an inspirational role model but struggle with balancing work and personal life.

What's included?

The 90 days includes physical daily ritual planners delivered monthly, weekly expert-led virtual classes, mini meditation sessions, and access to a supportive community of working moms.

What are the main goals of the 90-Day makeover?

The main goals are to reclaim quality family time, achieve a balanced and organized life, and provide a clear roadmap and mind clarity that enables both professional and personal life to thrive.

How can this program help me manage anxiety and stress?

The program offers a daily journaling ritual that helps participants manage anxiety and stress by keeping focus on their goals and daily achievements.

How much does the 90-Day makeover cost?

The 90-Day Makeover is valued at $253.85 but we’re giving it to you for just $74.85 ($179 in savings).

Is there a special offer for starting the 12-Month Plan?

Yes, you can start your 12-Month Plan and get one month free with the code FREEMONTH.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


I’ve been that person – stuck, lost, and unfulfilled, with the lingering feeling that there was no good solution. Therapy was intimidating, coach was expensive, and self-help books lacked accountability. And worst of all... I only visited these tools when life took a negative turn.

I created Silk + Sonder as a way to blend reflection with planning, and intention with action. A personalized experience that combines the power of journaling with science-backed strategies, putting YOU back in the driver’s seat of your life.

My team and I are confident that if you show up consistently to build your habit and practice, you will see transformational results just like thousands of women like you have. If you're trying Silk + Sonder for the first time and you're unhappy with your experience within your first 30 days, we’ll refund you in accordance to our refund policy. Simply email us at and we’ll take care of you.

xo, Meha