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"Silk + Sonder is my salvation. I have been more productive, positive, and organized this month than I have been in years. I finally feel like I'm in control and that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. Silk + Sonder has given me back my life!"


"This journal is literally what I've been searching for for years. I love the combination of a to-do list, journal, health tracker, agenda all-in-one."


"Thank you for helping me fall back in love with myself!"


"After working with my therapist, I wanted something that would help me plan my life and focus on my mental health. Silk + Sonder did just that." 


"As a consultant, it's easy for me to feel scattered with my inconsistent schedule. But Silk + Sonder helps me stay focused, feel accomplished, and prioritize my personal growth." 


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"I've had my share of anxiety, stress, self-doubt, Imposter Syndrome - therapy felt intimidating, coaching felt expensive, and self-help books lacked the accountability. As a former technologist, I was skeptical of an analog system. But when I noticed a magical shift in my emotional health and mental wellness through the therapeutic power of pen to paper, I set out to create a guided experience to make self-discovery and self-care more accessible, actionable, and personalized." 

- Meha , Founder & CEO

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Inside each month's issue of SILK + SONDER, you'll find the following:

Planning Features

Monthly & Weekly Calendar Spreads

Habit Trackers

Productivity & Focus Frameworks

Journal Features

Reflection & Gratitude Prompts

Intention Setting

Mindfulness Practices

Lifestyle Features

Art + Travel + Design Articles

Featured Interviews with Leaders

Themed Quotes & Poems

And a little extra surprise, just for you. 

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