• “Before Silk .+ Sonder, I wasn’t thrilled about what the road ahead would look like. But now, I'm back on track! Setting goals, making plans, reflecting... life is good!"


    Retiree & Former Early Childhood Administrator

    Age 60 | Dallas, TX

  • “I constantly felt anxious, and stuck in this overwhelming go-go-go mindset. Silk + Sonder helps me feel organized, confident, and at ease even when life was moving miles a minute. I use it daily to overcome obstacles."


    Pre-K Teacher

    Age: 37 | Long Island, New York

  • "I struggled with high-functioning anxiety for 25+ years. I tried everything and NOTHING worked the way Silk + Sonder does. Silk + Sonder helps me manage my anxiety and remind me of my purpose."

    KYRA S.

    Farm Owner, Business Coordinator & Mom

    Age: 34 | IL

  • "Before Silk + Sonder, everything was falling apart around me. I was constantly stressed out so a friend gifted me Silk + Sonder. It was exactly what I needed to relieve all my stress. I bought the annual subscription after my husband mentioned that “it was fun to have me back.” I use it daily."

    KASEY K.

    Internal Auditor

    Age 51 | MT

  • "I started S+S to get organized and stay accountable for my emotional health. I use the mood tracker to identify patterns and love how relatable the Daily Rituals are in the app. I use S+S daily and recommend it to my clients because it makes emotional health tracking fun and less intimidating."



    Age: 32 | Baltimore, Maryland

  • "Before Silk + Sonder, I suffered from migraines and needed something to help me track them. After Silk + Sonder, I really loved how easy it was to organize my life in one place; I use the Mood Tracker to visually see how I feel and always go to the Sonder Socials to get organized for the week ahead. As a therapist, I recommended Silk + Sonder to my clients who want to get organized and focused."


    Founder & LCSW

    Florida City, FL

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