The Full Experience: Silk + Sonder

Dive into your mental wellness and personal growth journey with Silk + Sonder and discover who you are and where you want to go with guided journaling prompts and how-tos to unlock intentional productivity, clarity, creativity, and connection. Wake up inspired all year long with monthly wellness journals that put you in life’s driver’s seat and create a solid foundation for self-care with easy-to-follow, 5-minute journaling routines to support you as you develop new habits for a new you.

Episode: Setting (And Achieving) Goals with Silk + Sonder

If you're anything like us, you set your New Year resolutions by Janury 1st, and by February, they've already fizzled out. In this episode, we'll dive into the differences between outcome and process goals and how to create an action plan so that you can actually achieve the goals you set, no matter what time of year you set them.

Episode: Journaling for Beginners with Silk + Sonder

There's no right or wrong way to journal. Our biggest tip - get started and connect with your "why". Whether you're trying to calm your nervous system or supercharge your productivity, bringing pen to paper solves all.

Episode: Reclaim the Driver's Seat with Silk + Sonder

We started Silk + Sonder to help women reclaim the driver's seat of their lives so they can be their best self no matter where they are. The secret to getting ahead is to just get started. It all starts with you - identifying what actually is important to you, what your personal core values are, and what gives you joy. You have to be your truest, most authentic self when it comes to self-reflection and self-discovery.

Episode: What Makes Silk + Sonder Special

Silk + Sonder is so much more than a planner and journal. Our holistic, innovative solution for guided journaling has helped thousands. We're not only best known for our integrated approach to self-care, but also our very, very special community, Sonder Club. As a member of Silk + Sonder, you receive exclusive access to our mobile app that houses a forum and virtual classes for peer-to-peer support and accountability.

Episode: Hear Success Stories From Our Community

Whether you're a prospective or existing member of Silk + Sonder and wondering whether the Silk + Sonder method will work for you - the answer is YES! Hear our Founder & CEO read REAL stories from REAL women who've changed their lives with Silk + Sonder. It takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to see transformational change - all you have to do is show up for yourself for as little as five minutes a day.