12 Top ADHD TikTok Accounts To Follow

12 Top ADHD TikTok Accounts To Follow

There are so many different ADHD TikTok accounts, it can be tough to know which ones are authoritative and worth following. We’ve compiled a list of our top 11 ADHD TikTokkers you should be following if you’re interested in the topic of ADHD specifically. 

Why ADHD TikTok accounts have gone viral?

The mental health community has seen explosive growth with the rise of social media platforms like TikTok. There are now billions of results for hashtags about certain mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The hashtag #ADHD alone has now received over 2.4 billion views.

There are opinions by psychologists and journalists that worry whether the role social media plays in the online ADHD community is a good one or not. Their argument being that ADHD TikTok videos that go viral might cause people to wrongly self-diagnose themselves with a serious mental health condition. But the ADHD community has grown as a result of using TikTok. This has helped spread awareness, educate the general public, and helped many people find community and treatment. 

Whether you or a loved one has ADHD, it can be beneficial to follow some ADHD TikTok accounts to get a feel for what life is like for people with ADHD. This helps us better engage with the world around us and use this social media app for good.

The Top 12 ADHD TikTok Creators To Check Out

1. Dani Donovan @danidonovan

Joined TikTok in February 2019

Dani is a self-proclaimed mental health comic writer. She creates funny TikTok content around mental health issues, challenges and moments in daily life. She calls herself the ADHD meme queen, and for good reason. Some of her stuff is just downright hilarious. Her mission is to help people with ADHD feel understood. And her website is full of resources and infographic-like comics for learning more about ADHD. There are many potential reasons why someone may have a certain symptom with their ADHD or side effect from their medicine. And she helps uncover some of those.


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2. My ADHD Diary @myadhddiary

Joined TikTok in March 2021

Jay is recently-diagnosed ADHD as an adult. Based in London, uses TikTok to document his journey. And he posts informative videos from the perspective of an adult figuring out how their brain works in light of his diagnosis. He also tackles questions about medication and treatment for adult ADHD. This is a great account of day-in-the-life diary entries of a real person trying to navigate life with ADHD.


Please let me know how you tackle come downs below! ##fyp ##adhd ##adultadhd ##adhdtiktok ##adhdprobs

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3. DrBrianFTW @drbrianftw

Joined TikTok in May 2021

Dr. Brian is a clinical psychologist specializing in ADHD for adults and adolescents. He uses TikTok to address commonly-asked questions on Twitter about the diagnosis. But he also provides quick tips for how to manage ADHD - from sleep, to test-taking, to memory and time management. He often directs different TikToks to his different audiences. Some to parents of kids with ADHD, teachers, women, and even loved ones of people with ADHD. He has a good mix of content all backed by his clinical experience and knowledge.


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4. Kristen your ADHD Momma @youradhdmom

Joined TikTok in November 2019

Kristen is a mom that was diagnosed with ADHD in her late 30s. She is open about her daily mental health struggles as a woman and mom to young kids. She posts content documenting the daily tasks she does that are affected by ADHD, but she also shares funny anecdotes from the perspective of her brain. She recently marked the 1-year anniversary of her diagnosis with a TikTok video that lists the emotions she felt, all set to a popular TikTok sound. 


My brain is really out here having it’s own one woman show most days. ##womenwithadhd ##adhdtiktok ##adhdintheworkplace ##corporatetok ##corporatelife

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5. THAT ADHD GUY @mikepanero

Joined TikTok in September 2019

One of the younger TikTok voices with ADHD, Mike Panero is a teenager who shares some of his crazy travel, stunts, and personal experiences as a young person with ADHD. Many of TikToks are tagged with #ADHD or #myADHDbrain. But even if he doesn’t address ADHD actively in each TikTok, he makes it clear that ADHD is a big part of his life. He’s a great account for young adults to follow to see someone who has ADHD going viral for daily life experiences.


Aaahhhh walking on water ##water ##adhd ##adhdcrew ##mikepanero ##slacklining @michaelfortnerfilms

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6. Dr. Kojo Sarfo @dr.kojosarfo

Joined TikTok in August 2019

A Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in Psychology, Dr. Koho Sarfo runs an ADHD TikTok account for adults with mental health conditions. He tackles ADHD but also other topics like depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders and other mental health topics. He gives digestible medical advice from the perspective of a doctor and often breaks up a TikTok video on a given topic into parts. He even role plays actual conversations and uses skits to demonstrate his tips. He has content titles on every video (like “Undiagnosed ADHD?”) and is a great account for people who want to hear from medical professionals on ADHD.


The proper treatment and professional help can be life changing! You got this! 📝 ##adhd ##adhdinwomen ##neurodivergent ##anxiety ##recovery ##hope

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7. Jessica McCabe @howtoadhd

Joined TikTok in May 2020

Jessica has gained notoriety for her addition to the ADHD community on TikTok. She makes ADHD TikTok videos focused on practical tips for making life easier living with the diagnosis. She speaks from personal experience as a woman with ADHD. And she calls her type of content “science based brain hacks.” This is a great ADHD TikTok account to follow if you’re looking for everyday life tips and content for the ADHD brain.


##TheHighNote ##ADHDfriendly ##ADHD ##moving ##LearnonTikTok

♬ Send Me on My Way - Vibe Street

8. Coby Watts @cobywatts_

Joined TikTok in August 2020

From Australia, Coby shares his life experiences as an adult diagnosed at a younger age with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He’s using TikTok to share his whole life experiences with dating, relationships, driving, school, anger, anxiety, and teenage life. He talks about ADHD medication and ADHD symptoms to look out for, especially for people wondering if they have undiagnosed ADHD. Coby is a great TikTok account to follow especially if you’re looking for lots of daily content - he publishes sometimes five to six TikToks on ADHD per day.


ADHD & forgetting 🧠❤️ ##adhd ##adhdprobs ##adhdbrain ##adhdtiktok

♬ Follow tsatkow92 - tsatkow92

9. Courtney Carini @Courtneyadhd

Joined TikTok in March 2021

Like many ADHD content creators, Courtney Carini is someone that spreads awareness about the ways people with ADHD navigate daily life. She also talks about the other ADHD-related mental health conditions like neurodivergence and dopamine seeking. She challenges many neurotypical standards like goal setting and task completion. And she’s partnered with other TikTokkers like Connor DeWolfe to share with the general public about how these ADHD symptoms work.


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10. Connor DeWolfe @connordewolfe

Joined TikTok in August 2019

Arguably one of the most followed ADHD TikTok accounts, Connor DeWolfe is a young adult with ADHD that tackles a wide range of content about the diagnosis. He formats almost all of his TikTok videos as a mock conversation. He acts out the person on each end of the conversation. And as someone with ADHD and other neurodivergent tendencies, he helps everyone else see the different ways situations could be handled. All of them revolve around being more knowledgeable, inclusive, helpful and supportive for the ADHD brain.


✨executive dysfunction✨ ##adhd ##fyp ##relatable ##priorities

♬ original sound - Connor DeWolfe

11. Dusty Chipura @dustychipura

Joined TikTok in February 2020

Unlike some of the other ADHD TikTok accounts we’ve suggested, Dusty Chipura positions her ADHD account as a coaching and awareness platform. Dusty is a ADHD coach that specifically helps women and even focuses a portion of her coaching on pregnant women. She has her own sort of private practice where she offers 1-1 coaching sessions, boot camps, training sessions and more. But she also creates great content about the ADHD brain and ADHD symptoms. As a mom and woman with ADHD, she encourages her followers to find community and a type of mental health care that’s right for them.


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♬ original sound - Dusty Chipura

12. Catieosaurus @catieosaurus

Joined November 2019

If you've been in the TikTok ADHD world for any amount of time, you've probably found Catieosaurus. She's one of the longest and perhaps well-known contributors to ADHD awareness on TikTok. She creates videos about a variety of other topics and interests, not just ADHD. From Minecraft, to D&D, fruit snacks and more. You'll feel like you know Catieosaurus personally if you follow her for long, she's likeable, funny and relatable.


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There are so many different content creators on TikTok representing the ADHD community. Check out the Silk+Sonder blog for more curated lists like this one, tips on health and wellness, journaling and more! 

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I really like Connor DeWolfe as well. I also watch ADHDEverything, How to ADHD, What in the ADHD, & Me with ADHD.

Samantha L Sacks

I been following Connor DeWolfe ever since I was officially dx with ADHD (had it all my life) He has so many situations spot on.

Katrina Katz

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