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10 Self-Help Books to Inspire You This Summer

“At Silk + Sonder, so much of our inspiration is directly derived from the books that we read. From The ONE Thing to The Secret, we love that we’re able to blend positive psychology with productivity frameworks to create a guide that enables you to be more reflective, introspective, and action-oriented. Here are some of my favorites.” - Meha Agrawal (@mehaagrawal), Founder & CEO of Silk + Sonder

1. The ONE Thing     Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan   

Dreaming of simplicity? So were real estate entrepreneurs, Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan as they embarked on the journey to find just that. The ONE Thing examines the benefits of prioritization in relation to task completion and how to accomplish the main assignment at hand. Methodically stating that by choosing the single most important element of a project and focusing primarily on it, the entirety of it should be seen as easier

2. The 4-Hour Workweek  Tim Ferriss 

 Lifecoach, author, and self-care guru,Tim Ferriss, tells his story of the perils relating to working 40-80 hour weeks and the mentally damaging effects of these practices. He learned that by eliminating unnecessary distractions and behaviors he was able to focus on what really mattered within his career and ultimately his life. By taking charge of your own life through the steps that Ferriss describes throughout this guide, your productivity will increase and so will your bank account 

3. The Power of Now   Eckhart Tolle      

Ever feel like your constant worries and anxieties about the past and future will never leave? That you will remain forever haunted by these irrational fears? Well, The Power of Now, may be the answer to your prayers! This spiritual guide challenges you to live every day in the present rather than focusing on what could of or what will be. Not only does this book feature leagues of advice and wisdom to help aide the challenges within yourself, it also includes meditation and mindfulness exercises. Pair this read with the activities throughout your Silk+Sonder planner and your wellness journey will be full steam ahead! 

4. You Are a Badass   Jen Sincero 

Jen Sincero’s, You Are a Badass, works to help you figure out what exactly it is that you desire in life by increasing your self-awareness and easing your anxieties about how you are viewed by others. This guide was crafted for those looking to unleash their inner “badass” and take hold of the life they know they are capable of attaining 

5. Essentialism  Greg McKeown     

What do you view as absolutely essential in your life? Imagine eliminating everything except what you value to be intrinsically necessary and then think of how your productivity will skyrocket. Essentialism shows you how to accomplish more by doing less in this book filled with tips, tools, and tricks! 

6. The Secret  Rhonda Byrne

 The law of attraction has been the guiding force behind many decisions made throughout history and Rhonda Byrne explores this idea in relation to goal setting and achieving in this global bestselling self-help guide. The notion that the kind of positive or negative thoughts a person radiates into the universe will attract either the good or bad back into their life is a heavily discussed topic featured in this book. Check this incredibly powerful read out if you are looking to feel good and change your life!

7. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  Stephen Covey 

Determined to be one of the best business books ever written, The 7 Habits, highlights the seven keys to success and how to adapt them into your everyday life. Transform into the person you are dreaming of becoming as you learn how to alter your perceptions in order to change your life. If you are looking to increase your proactiveness and productivity then this is the book for you 

 8. The Four Agreements  Don Miguel Ruiz 

With an endorsement from Oprah herself and millions of copies sold worldwide, this bestselling self-help book may be just the motivational boost you are craving! The Four Agreements challenges readers to free themselves from suffering and limitation in their daily lives through a mixture of Toltec wisdom and other spiritual advice 

9. The Power of Habit  Charles Duhigg 

Looking to turn your bad habits into good ones? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The Power of Habit breaks down the ideas of what “habits” are, further analyzes their characteristics, and then helps you understand exactly how to alter your actions. Learn how to transform your habits into the keys of your success

  10. Mindset  Carol Dweck 

In The New Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck establishes the claim that there are two separate mindsets: fixed and growth. Those with a fixed mindset believe that they are born with specific traits that will concretely establish their successes in life. Those with a growth mindset on the other hand, believe that adaptation and development are always possibilities in terms of basic human qualities. Throughout this book, you’ll explore the differences between the two, distinguish which one you possess, and potentially alter your mentality. Change your life and transform your mindset with this insightful guide! 

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