100 Affirmations That Will Get Your Morning Off to a Great Start

100 Affirmations That Will Get Your Morning Off to a Great Start

If you’re working on setting yourself up for a great day, morning affirmations may be the positive change you need. We’ve all had the experience of waking up and experiencing a negative flood of emotions, whether it’s anxiety, dread, or feeling like you don’t have what it takes to tackle the day ahead. 

Affirmations can help with that. Affirmations are positive statements that you can say or write down to help you overcome negative thoughts, and they can be especially powerful in the morning before the day even starts. 

Looking for ideas for morning affirmations that will set you up for an amazing day? Use these 100 statements to inspire you. 

  1. I am a happy person
  2. Today I am powerful
  3. I do not compare myself to others
  4. I can do it, even if it’s hard
  5. I let go of the thoughts and feelings that do not serve me
  6. I have control over my time
  7. I am well-rested and have the energy to take on the day
  8. I am surrounded by abundance
  9. I choose to think positively today
  10. My voice matters 
  11. I will release the things that no longer serve me
  12. I will get today off on the right foot
  13. I am happy to be me
  14. I can choose my own attitude 
  15. Every moment is valuable, even the tough ones
  16. I trust that I am on the right path
  17. My thoughts are full of possibility
  18. Today is a day of happiness and peace
  19. I am enough
  20. Life is not a race
  21. I do not pretend to be anyone but exactly who I am
  22. I am energetic
  23. I am worthy
  24. My heart knows the way
  25. I nourish myself with healthy foods
  26. I am grateful for this morning and this day
  27. I am intelligent
  28. Today I will stand up for myself
  29. The best is yet to come
  30. I am looking forward to tomorrow
  31. Today is a gift
  32. A lot of people love and care about me
  33. I will not worry today
  34. Life is beautiful 
  35. Today I will celebrate me
  36. I am going to enjoy this day
  37. My hard work pays off
  38. It’s OK to have fun
  39. Today I am determined 
  40. I have inner beauty and strength 
  41. The perfect moment is now
  42. I deserve respect 
  43. I am learning valuable lessons from myself every day
  44. It’s OK to make mistakes 
  45. I can do the things I think I cannot do
  46. My drive and ambition helps me achieve my goals
  47. I have great ideas
  48. Everything is fine
  49. I am brave
  50. I will make time for self-care today
  51. I embrace my power
  52. I move my body in a way that makes me feel good
  53. When I am feeling sad, I make the space to feel that way
  54. Today I will make positive choices for myself
  55. Something magical is going to happen today
  56. I am living my dream life 
  57. I am capable of so much
  58. I am always headed in the right direction
  59. I am excited about today
  60. I am the best version of me
  61. I work hard, and others see that
  62. I release limiting beliefs
  63. Today I will be my best self
  64. I have ab abundance of inner strength
  65. I will take breaks today
  66. I will turn my negative thoughts into positive thoughts 
  67. I will push myself outside my comfort zone today
  68. Today I am creative
  69. I have control over my happiness
  70. Nothing is impossible
  71. I forgive myself for past mistakes 
  72. I am looking forward to today
  73. I have enough and I will always have enough
  74. I am secure
  75. I trust the timing of my life
  76. I am good enough
  77. I have good boundaries and I will implement them
  78. I deserve to have everything I’ve ever wanted
  79. Today I will separate myself from feelings of shame and guilt
  80. My heart is open
  81. I am healing
  82. My efforts help me succeed
  83. I am fun to spend time with
  84. I will learn something new today
  85. I’m going to get through this
  86. I prioritize my physical health 
  87. I live my life without fear of what could go wrong
  88. I am grateful for this life and all it has given me
  89. I am alive
  90. I will shine
  91. I am always learning 
  92. I can and I will
  93. I attract success
  94. I possess all the qualities I need to be successful
  95. I stand up for myself
  96. My mind is brimming with exciting thoughts
  97. I feel proud of myself when…
  98. Rest makes me better at what I do
  99. I give myself permission to make choices that empower me
  100. Wonderful things are going to happen to me

Why morning affirmations are so powerful

Affirmations are powerful at any time of day, but this is especially true in the morning. When you make a statement about the kind of day you’re going to have before intrusive or self-sabotaging thoughts get the chance to trickle in, you’re taking control of your day and giving yourself the opportunity to get it off to a healthy start. 

Any nutritionist will tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it sets you up for the whole day in terms of your energy levels and the food choices you’ll make in the next 14 or so hours. This holds true for affirmations, too: The energy you put out in the morning will set you up for your thought patterns and emotions for the whole day. It’s such a simple practice that takes almost no time, yet it can make a world of difference. Do your best to take advantage of it!

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This is a fantastic list! I recorded myself reading these affirmations, so I can listen to them whenever I need a pep talk. It really helps!
Silk + Sonder replied:
Glad it resonated with you!


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