20 Habits of Successful Women

20 Habits of Successful Women

Great habits are integral to a lot of aspects of life, from living in a way that's aligned with your core values to finding success in your career. We place a lot of emphasis on habits here at Silk + Sonder, because we know forming the daily right habits (and breaking the wrong ones) can be the very thing thing that propels us forward and takes us where we want to go. 

Intrigued? We broke down 20 habits successful women swear by—and you're going to want to write these ones down. 

1. They don’t multitask unless they absolutely have to

Believe it or not, multitasking is actually the enemy of productivity. By focusing on one task at a time, successful women are able to work more quickly and get each task done with more attention and care. Of course, sometimes multitasking is inevitable—but successful women do their best to avoid it when they can.

2. They have a set daily routine

Successful people know one thing to be true: Having a routine matters. Routines help automate our behavior, making it easier for us to get things done more quickly and easily. A routine will also making it so that you don't forget to do important things—including the important things for you, like meditation and self-care.

3. They have a great support system

Research has shown that having a strong support system is crucial to mental health and keeping stress levels in a healthy range, especially for women. Successful women know that and make sure to make time for friends and family, no matter how busy they get. 

4. They set small goals (and big ones, too)

If you’ve ever felt silly setting a goal like “take a 15-minute walk,” don’t. Successful women know that setting small goals and achieving them leads to more success long-term, because small wins help build momentum and encourage us to keep going. Of course, they set big goals, too—and then they break them down into smaller goals. 

5. They know how to say no

Successful women know how to take breaks and avoid burnout, and that starts by saying “no” to things they can’t or don’t want to do. By politely declining a party invitation when they’re in desperate need of some alone time or saying no to a work task when they have too much on their plate, they’re able to preserve their energy levels in a healthy way. 

6. They don’t avoid the things that bother them

We’ve all had moments where a friend says something to us that hurts our feelings, or we feel a partner isn’t pulling their weight at home. Successful women do their best to confront these issues head-on so that resentment doesn’t build and their relationships stay healthy and strong.

7. They prioritize sleep

According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, sleep-related problems affect between 50 and 70 million Americans. While a bad night of sleep can sometimes feel inevitable, especially if you struggle with insomnia, successful women prioritize sleep by making sure they carve out enough time to get eight hours every night and practicing good sleep hygiene. They know how crucial sleep is to their ability to function. 

Successful women understand the importance of prioritizing sleep.

8. They delegate 

While it may seem like successful women are taking on every single task that crosses their path, they’re actually not: Successful women know when to take a task off their place and give it to someone else, whether it’s at home or at work. 

9. They wake up early

Successful women tend to go to sleep early and wake up early, too. And there’s a sound scientific reason why this is a good idea — research shows that early risers tend to have more energy and be happier overall. Of course, some of us are night owls, and if you know that the morning is just not your time, there’s no shame in that!

10. They read regularly 

Whether it’s a book on personal growth, a great work of fiction or the newspaper, successful women read regularly. Studies show that reading helps improve brain connectivity, lowers blood pressure, and can even help the depression symptoms. 

Reading regularly is a great way to unplug and improve mental health

11. They practice gratitude

Successful women know when to say “thank you.” By practicing gratitude on a regular basis, we’re better able to focus on the positive and not dwell on the negative, which is great for success and momentum.

12. They exercise regularly 

The benefits of regular exercise are practically endless. Although exercise takes up time, successful women know they have to fit it in because it’s so great for energy levels, physical health and mental health.

13. They meal prep

Does it seem like successful women always have a healthy, home-cooked meal in front of them? That’s because they take the time to meal plan and meal prep, usually over the weekend, so they never get too hungry and end up grabbing unhealthy takeout. 




14. They clean up as they go

Another thing successful women always seem to have is a clean house. But that’s not because they spend hours cleaning every day (who has time for that?) it’s because their space never gets too messy or disorganized in the first place. By cleaning up as they go, successful women don’t end up dedicating that much time to cleaning at all. 

15. They compliment others

Rather than tearing others down, successful women know that paying compliments to others is a great way to keep relationships strong and even boost their own mental health in the process.

16. They establish boundaries

Successful women know how to say “no,” and they also establish boundaries in other areas of their life, like with social media. As mentioned above, successful women almost never multi-task — and you’ll never find them scrolling through social media and working at the same time, because they know how to set boundaries around it.  

Establishing boundaries is important.

17. They journal 

Successful women use journaling — and especially bullet journaling — to stay organized and on top of tasks so they’re never scrambling to get things done or wondering what comes next on their to-do list. 

18. They celebrate their wins

It often seems like the lives of successful women are made up entirely of wins. First of all, they’re not — successful women fail too! — but when they do win, they make sure to celebrate it, whether it’s a quiet moment of self-congratulation or a bigger celebration with friends or family. 

19. They set aside time to do nothing

Successful women doing nothing? Believe it, because it’s true. Successful women know when it’s time to take a break and set aside the work or home tasks to do “nothing,” whatever that word means to them. Doing nothing is one of the best ways to avoid burnout, and successful women know that.

20. They get out of their comfort zone

Getting outside your comfort zone is crucial for personal development, and successful women know that. As the saying goes, "do one thing every day that scares you." While successful women don't necessarily get out of their comfort zone every day, they do try make a habit of it, and it helps them grow. 

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