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  • I loved these! I have caught the journaling bug! Doodle bug! Whatever you want to call it! I have gotten it this year. Thanks to Silk and Sonder getting me started I am now hooked on dot journaling for organizing any area or project of interest in my life. To help my 83 year old Mother keep better track of her Diabetes in hoping to avoid insulin treatments, I have created a special Journal for her each day. We do this together because she has lost her sight and most of her hearing. She lost my Dad last year to Cancer after they were married 60 years. So much loss, needs to have a journal of memories as well as inspirations to keep my Mother going right now. With COVID-19 deaths and sickness this year has been extra grief burdening for many. Mental Health needs this creative direction. It only takes something to write with and write in and you can add creative efforts as your mind sees the opportunity! The results of this exercise is amazing!
    Thank You all for your Inspiration!
    Dawn Copley
    Oxford, MS

    Dawn Copley SEP 30, 2021

  • Yes, yes, yes! Lol

    Margaret SEP 30, 2021

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