20 Things Only People Who Bullet Journal Will Understand

20 Things Only People Who Bullet Journal Will Understand

If you like planners and journals but want to keep everything in one place, bullet journaling can be a rewarding practice. It’s great for setting intentions, organizing your thoughts and tasks, and tracking your habits.

There isn’t just one road on the journey to optimal wellness, and adopting this healthy habit can be life changing. Bullet journaling allows you to create a path that meets your needs and goals. 

Here are 20 things that only bullet journalers will understand.

Making lists brings you joy

It keeps your thoughts organized and helps you stay on track with your goals.

There’s no greater satisfaction than the crisp, blank pages of a new journal

Daydreaming about what to write inside the pages is almost as exhilarating as writing itself. It’s symbolic of a fresh start, new hopes and new dreams to be fulfilled.

You lose track of time in the stationary section 

Admiring all the beautiful designs and blank pages soothes your soul. While your friends are off trying on clothes, you’re debating what journal to buy next.

It helps you go from procrastination to productivity mode

It’s almost as if a switch flips the minute your pen hits the paper. You’re ready to take action.

Carrying your journal on-the-go gives you a sense of inner peace

You feel naked if you don’t have your journal on you at all times. You never know when the mood will strike and a brilliant idea will pop into your head. 

You can never have enough pens

And you have a personal preference that you stick to whether you’re a gel or ballpoint person.

While other people are psyched about the free bath products from hotels, the free pens are what really make your day.

It frees up your brain space unlike anything else

It’s remarkable how many tasks and random bits of information we keep track of on a daily basis. Writing things down is comforting because you can now file it under “to deal with at a later time.”

Writing down the small things helps you focus on the big picture

Have you ever obsessively focused on something and what felt like 10 minutes was actually an hour? Bullet journaling can release those random thoughts rather than letting them suck you in. You can stop dwelling on the minutia of daily life.

You’ve learned how to write anytime, anywhere

Public transportation? Check. Standing in line at the post office? Check.

Reading old entries makes you laugh and cringe at the same time

It’s amazing to see what you worried about this time last year. You wish you had listened to your friends and family when they said everything would work out. Best of all, you can see how far you’ve come.

When you’re decluttering, it’s the one thing can’t bring yourself to throw away

You view your journals the same way people view photo albums: precious treasures that need to saved and cherished.

It would be on your list of what to bring on a desert island

And a journal would be the first thing that comes to mind.

It’s the one thing that brings you comfort on your darkest days

When you go through something difficult and need alone time, journaling is your go-to escape strategy. 

Your favorite place to get lost is between the pages

Like a bookworm who loves to read or an outdoorsman who loves a nature walk, you lose track of time when you’re journaling.

One of your bookshelves is dedicated to your journal collection

You like to have them nearby so you can reference them when necessary. 

You feel like you didn’t really process your emotions unless you’ve journaled about it

Writing down your feelings is the best way for you to make sense of them

Staying in to hibernate and write is one of your favorite things to do

Nothing beats cozying up with your journal and a cup of a tea on a Sunday morning.

You wish you could write as fast as you think

So many thoughts, so little time. 

You spend hours scrolling Instagram looking at journal inspo

Of course, the words are important, but nothing is wrong with being a little artsy, right? Finding ways to decorate and doodle on the pages makes you feel giddy inside.

You love trying to convince others to hop aboard the journaling train

Let’s face it: you could talk about your passion for bullet journaling all day. You enjoy sharing your insights to anyone who will listen.

Happy writing!

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I loved these! I have caught the journaling bug! Doodle bug! Whatever you want to call it! I have gotten it this year. Thanks to Silk and Sonder getting me started I am now hooked on dot journaling for organizing any area or project of interest in my life. To help my 83 year old Mother keep better track of her Diabetes in hoping to avoid insulin treatments, I have created a special Journal for her each day. We do this together because she has lost her sight and most of her hearing. She lost my Dad last year to Cancer after they were married 60 years. So much loss, needs to have a journal of memories as well as inspirations to keep my Mother going right now. With COVID-19 deaths and sickness this year has been extra grief burdening for many. Mental Health needs this creative direction. It only takes something to write with and write in and you can add creative efforts as your mind sees the opportunity! The results of this exercise is amazing!
Thank You all for your Inspiration!
Dawn Copley
Oxford, MS

Dawn Copley

Yes, yes, yes! Lol


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