25 Self-Care Basket Ideas

25 Self-Care Basket Ideas

The holidays are officially here, and if you ask us, there’s no greater gift to give than a self-care basket. While the holidays are a joyful time, they can also be stressful—so giving your loved ones the tools they need to take care of themselves in the form of a self-care basket is an excellent idea.

Not sure exactly what should go in a self-care basket? Don't worry—we did all the hard work for you so you don't have to think about it. Here are 25 ideas to help you get started.

1. Silk + Sonder Ritual Kit

If you’re intimidated by the idea of putting together a DIY self-care basket yourself, the Silk + Sonder Ritual Kit is a great place to start. It includes a specially curated scented candle, washi tape, stickers, a sleep mask, and more to help encourage self-care. 

2. A spa gift set

Give your loved one (or yourself!) the gift of an at-home spa day complete with all the essentials, from everything they need for an at-home mani/pedi to bath salts.

3. A gift card

A gift card can be an excellent addition to any self-care basket. Whether it’s a gift card for yoga classes, a massage, or a meal at their favorite restaurant, make sure the gift card you give has an element of self-care to it. 

4. Essential oils

Essential oils can help us sleep, energize us, and promote a sense of calm. In other words, they’re self-care in a tiny bottle. So pop a few essential oils in your self-care basket, and if you want to take things to the next level, throw in a diffuser.

Lavender essential oils for your self-care basket 

5. Silk + Sonder Holiday Gift Set

If you want to promote a stress-free holiday season for your loved one or yourself, give the gift of the Silk + Sonder Holiday Gift Set ahead of time. This set includes a 31-day wellness planner, the brand new Silk + Sonder pen, the new Wild Ambitions soy candle, bath bombs, and exclusive access to Sonder Club. 

6. Cozy socks

Is there anything worse than cold feet, and anything better than warm and toasty feet? By tucking some extra cozy socks into your loved one’s self-care basket, you’ll ensure that their feet are nice and warm all winter long. The fuzzier the better!

7. A cozy blanket

In addition to fuzzy socks, if you have the space, add a cozy blanket. For some of us self-care means a great Netflix binge, for others it means a day spent reading on the couch — and both activities require a soft, warm blanket.  

8. A white noise machine

Give the gift of great sleep with a white noise machine. White noise can be really soothing for some of us, and for others it can help block out sounds that wake us up, like a snoring bed partner, noisy neighbors, or street noise. 

9. An Amazon prime membership 

While we’re all about buying from small businesses when possible, an Amazon prime membership is an excellent thing to have when you’re in a pinch. By gifting this membership, you can help eliminate a lot of stressful last-minute trips to the store. 

10. Sonder Kids 3-Month Gift Set

Whether you’re putting together a self-care basket for kids or their parents, the Sonder Kids 3-Month Gift Set is an excellent addition to any self-care basket. This thoughtfully-curated wellness journal is designed for kids between the ages of 6 and 12, and it’s aligned to a new playful theme each month. 

11. Hot chocolate

When you think of self-care, you think of hot chocolate, right? No? Just us? In any case, there’s nothing better than a steaming mug of sweet cocoa on a chilly winter day. If the person you’re giving a self care basket to is trying to eat less sugar, give the gift of tea instead. Hot tea is just as comforting.

Hot chocolate for your self-care basket

12. A sleep mask

If you’re working on a sleep-themed basket, throw in a sleep mask with that white noise machine. It will help your loved one or friend get some much-needed shut-eye.

13. Body butter

Cold weather is famous for doing a number on our skin, so throw in some nicely-scented body butter, body lotion, hand cream, and maybe even a body scrub to help keep their skin moisturized and healthy all winter long. 

14. Lip balm

Help your loved one say goodbye to chapped lips with a soothing lip balm. Want to give them their healthiest, smoothest lips ever? Throw in a lip scrub. 

15. Silk + Sonder Sweet Dreams Candle

This candle, which is a relaxing blend of lavender, sage, and sandalwood, will shift the energy of any bedroom with an aroma specially crafted to promote calmness, lower stress, and support a peaceful transition to bedtime or a nap. 

16. A coloring book

Coloring books aren’t just for kids! An adult coloring book is an excellent way to help bust stress and promote a sense of calm.

17. A good book

Getting lost in a great book is one of the best ways to practice self-care, so give the gift of a book your loved one can get lost in for hours on end.

18. Affirmation cards

Affirmations are crucial to any self-care practice. But sometimes, it can be hard to come up with affirmations on our own—which is why a box of affirmation cards is a great addition to any self-care basket.

19. A weighted blanket

Whether your loved one struggles with anxiety, sleep, or both, a weighted blanket is a great way to help them calm down. While this won’t be the world’s lightest self-care basket, it’s an excellent item to include.

20. A water bottle

We’re all trying to drink more water, so give the gift of hydration with a fun water bottle that they’re excited to fill up and keep sipping from. 

A water bottle for your self-care basket

21. An eye or face mask

The act of taking extra care of our face and eye area can be very soothing and restorative, so add an eye or face mask to your self-care basket. 

22. Epsom salts

Give your loved one the tools they need to elevate their bath time experience, whether that means muscle-relaxing epsom salts, a bubble bath, or a bath bomb. 

23. A stress ball

Stress balls can be an excellent (and entertaining!) way to ease stress. Want to ease stress further? Throw in an anxiety or fidget ring.

24. A journal

It’s no secret that journaling helps lower stress and brings us a sense of calm, clarity, and happiness. Whether it’s a Silk + Sonder subscription or a more traditional journal or planner, you can’t go wrong when you add it to a self-care box. 

25. A yoga mat

A hefty addition to a self-care mat? Sure. But you’ll help promote limber, strong muscles and joints — and we all know it’s hard to relax when we’re dealing with aches and pains.

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