• This had really helped me to start my journey,I am stuck in life right now,I want to know my purpose and I want to learn more about myself.Today is a New Beginning for me.Thank You
    Silk + Sonder replied:
    So glad to hear this!

    Alesia Holloman NOV 18, 2022

  • You mentioned daily self discovery practice, please what are the examples of self discovery practice?
    Silk + Sonder replied:
    Great question! A few examples could be guided meditation, daily positive affirmations, a creative outlet or hobby, and other types of journaling. Self-discovery is a personal process. And each of us has to find what activities work best for our individual practice or journey of self-discovery and understanding of self.

    Titilope FEB 08, 2022

  • There are so many prompts we could have chosen for today’s post. These 35 are just a start! Let us know what prompts you’ve enjoyed journaling through!

    Olivia Groves SEP 30, 2021

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