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5 of Our Favorite Pen Brands for Your Silk+Sonder

It’s easy to glance over how important pens are in our everyday lives. With the rise of technology sometimes we forget to cherish the ole’ pen and paper scheme of things until the one item we are desperately tearing our purse apart for is just that… a pen! Pair one of these fabulous options with your Silk+Sonder planner and you will be in stationary heaven. Below we have compiled a list of five of our favorite brands, all holding a special place in our planner-loving hearts 

1. Muji

If you’re looking for a ballpoint pen that won’t smudge or
bleed through your newly inked pages then Muji is the brand for you! These incredibly thin gel-ink pens are perfect for creating precise lines and crisp lettering as they glide across the detailed sections of your planner. With a wide range of tip sizing and color choices, Muji pens remain some of the best on the market. 
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2. Pilot

As a leader in the stationary industry, Pilot has crafted a wide variety of unique and extremely useful pens! If a gel-ink ballpoint pen is what you are on the hunt for, then the “Pilot Juice” would be perfect for you. Ranging in color from a classic black to a light baby pink, Juice pens are fabulous for completing any of your planner needs. The Juice line also happens to be a favorite of our founder Meha’s, so that is an added bonus! With Pilot as such a driving force in the pen game we have featured another suggestion! Pilot’s “Dr. Grip” is a great option if you are looking for a fine rollerball pen with awesome finger support. Not many pens are able to grant you the comfort your hand desires while still maintaining a professionally savvy job on paper. If these Pilot tools are something you may be interested in, they are just one click away!

3. BIC

As one of the most recognizable and well known brands around, BIC is at the forefront of affordable pen technology. At one point or another everyone has used one of these pens as they are durable, dependable, and best of all- cheap! We recommend these pens because you can buy an entire pack that will last you throughout the month and it won’t break your heart if you lose one. Buying in bulk has never been better! Order now on BIC

4. Sakura

Tired of looking at the classic black ink filling your pages? Dreaming of adding a pop of color? Then you have come to the right place! Sakura’s extensive variety of unique and extremely thin, colorfully tipped pens are just for you. One of our favorite suggestions would be with their most popular line, the GellyRoll. GellyRoll pens have been around forever and chances are, you’ve used one growing up as they have been in circulation for over thirty years. With tons of color choices and ink ranging from classic to glittery, GellyRoll’s are perfect for all of your doodling and organizational needs! If this option is a little too much for your liking don’t worry because Sakura has you covered. The “Micron Pigma” line is another fabulous suggestion as it has been deemed the “most reliable permanent pen on the market” by Sakura themselves. Shop now on  Amazon!




5. Uniball

Dreaming of finding a pen that glides off the page? That holds the key to unlock all of your journaling and planning dreams? Then we believe Uniball is the solution to your prayers! With so many options to choose from and all classic models, these incredibly reliable pens will transform your life. Our first choice would be for you try out the “Uniball Vision” as this thin tipped rollerball pen will allow you to maintain a smooth and consistent flow as you are writing across the page. This durable and stunningly elegant pen comes in a variety of colors and tip sizes for you to choose from! Our second suggestion is that of the “Vision Elite”, a close model to our previous option as they hold many similarities. What the Elite provides that is unique to many pens is it’s “airplane safe technology”. Are you a frequent flyer frustrated with consistently leaky pens? Well this one was designed to account for changes in cabin air pressure and works with you to accomplish all of your writing needs. Thanks to Uniball, you can continue ladybossing and using Silk+Sonder on the plane and off! Head on over to Uniball to shop the latest and greatest 

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