5 Ways to Practice Gratitude Today

5 Ways to Practice Gratitude Today

Let’s face it: Life moves pretty fast and it can be easy to zoom through your days, weeks, even months without stopping to really appreciate all the wonderful things right in front of you. Showing gratitude for yourself and your loved ones is an incredibly important but sometimes glanced over aspect of life. The more practice you put in, the more beneficial the results will be for yourself and those around you! 

Here are five simple ways to make gratitude a part of your day

1. Start a gratitude jar 

Wake up every morning and write down one thing you are extremely grateful for in your life. It could be a pet, person, memory- you name it! Spending a few moments analyzing the amazing things in your life and jotting one down will give you a fresh and energized start to your day. Once you have written your note, place it into a jar and by the end of the year you will be able to reflect on all of the awesome parts of life! 

2. Appreciate your relationships

One of the easiest ways to express gratitude in your daily life is by showing appreciation for your loved ones. Pick up the phone and call a relative or friend and tell them why you are grateful to have them in your life. Congratulate a coworker on a great performance or craft a handwritten thank you note instead of shooting off an email. Showing love to those closest to you is a simple yet impactful gesture that will surely make their day!

3. Volunteer

Find ways to help out in your community! Get involved by finding organizations or events that are looking for assistance and lend a hand. Donate clothes that have been lingering forever in your closet or bring food by a local shelter. Showing gratitude comes in many shapes and sizes, but one of the most amazing ways is by helping those around you

4. Write, write, write!

Open up your Silk+Sonder planner and use each journaling activity as a way to express and reflect on what you are grateful for. Illustrate your goals for each week and set reminders to reach out to loved ones or show appreciation in different ways throughout the coming days. Use the notes section to record daily highlights from your work and personal life and keep track of how it makes you feel with your mood tracker! Learning to be thankful for all aspects of life, not just the best ones, will help increase your mental health and overall well-being  

5. Practice with yourself 

When it’s been a long week and everything seems to be going south, try focusing on the positives and don’t get too down on yourself! Reframe your negative thoughts, lessen your complaints, and channel your inner ladyboss to transform your week into one of happiness and success. By muting the negativity in your life and finding ways to always appreciate your experiences, you are actively putting energy into improving your mental wellness

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This advice was very helpful , thank you
Silk + Sonder replied:
So glad you found it helpful!

Janice Hutson

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