113 of the Best Simple Pleasures To Look For In Your Life

113 of the Best Simple Pleasures To Look For In Your Life

When it comes to finding joy on a daily basis, one of the best things we can do is look for the simple pleasures in life. There’s actually compelling scientific research that explains why focusing on life's simple pleasures is so important!

The scientific power of finding simple pleasures in life 

A lot of us think the best way to get ahead in life is to put the pedal to the metal. This mentality drives our goal setting and helps us stay on track. Or at least we think it will! 

A study was done in 2016 that actually found the opposite to be true. Instead of restricting our pleasure to achieve our goals, we are more successful when we find enjoyment in what the researchers defined as “simple pleasures”. These are pleasures that are accessible to nearly everyone without cost. They are short, positive, everyday pleasures. And they’re highly personal to you. Meaning what I think is a simple pleasure may not be what you think is a simple pleasure. 

The key is taking time to pause and find what these simple pleasures are for you. This is what will help us make progress on our daily life goals. And ultimately this will make us happy along the way.

How to look for and enjoy life’s simple pleasures

So, what are simple pleasures in life you might enjoy? The good news is that they’re probably all around you. And simple pleasures come in all shapes and sizes. They’re the things that help you enjoy life. 

There are many things that we do in daily life that can bring us pleasure. In fact, we have small things we do already that are enjoyable. Sometimes we just need to spend time thinking about them as small pleasures and things to be grateful for. 

In other words, it’s all about recognizing them and mentally cataloging these small things as something nice, something to be appreciated, and something that brings a smile to your face. After all, that’s a simple pleasure in a nutshell. 

113 Simple Pleasures in Life 

  1. Waking up by the light of the sun and not your alarm
  2. Going to bed the night before vacation
  3. Receiving a handmade gift or handwritten note
  4. Walking barefoot through plush grass
  5. Stargazing during a meteor shower
  6. Plating a meal you cooked for friends or family
  7. Spending quality time with a loved one
  8. Finishing a hike with a beautiful view
  9. Listening to your favorite music while walking or running
  10. Sleeping well and feeling refreshed the next morning
  11. Adding something life-giving to your daily routine 
  12. Laying in a hammock
  13. Starting to feel better after being sick 
  14. Finding something special delivered on your doorstep
  15. Lighting your favorite candle
  16. Taking the first sip of your favorite beverage
  17. Stepping on crunchy leaves in the fall 
  18. Eating a nib of dark chocolate 
  19. Looking back at old photos 
  20. Visiting your favorite place in your hometown 
  21. Reflecting on good times with old friends
  22. Coming into work to an organized desk 
  23. Being able to sit back relax after a long day
  24. Hearing the wind blow a windchime
  25. Smelling fresh laundry tumbling in the dryer
  26. Breathing salty fresh air at the beach 
  27. Buying something nice for yourself “just because” 
  28. Waking up to snow on the ground
  29. Taking the first bite of your favorite meal 
  30. Visiting a new local park and being proud of your community
  31. Coming home to a clean house
  32. Planning an event to honor someone else 
  33. Hugging someone who needs emotional support
  34. Being able to let loose and show your true self
  35. Going to the farmer’s market on a Saturday morning  
  36. Writing on the last page of a journal 
  37. Waiting for the ocean to wash up to your toes 
  38. Realizing there’s another season of the show you love
  39. Being read out loud to 
  40. Going on a long walk with your dog
  41. Blowing bubbles with bubble gum
  42. Taking time to plan your week and get organized
  43. Giving an unexpected gift
  44. Staying dry under an umbrella 
  45. Taking a cleansing deep breath
  46. Seeing the fireflies start blinking on a summer night
  47. Listening to live music
  48. Finishing a good book and starting a new book 
  49. Staying inside on a stormy day 
  50. Tracking goal progress in your journal 
  51. Watching your favorite show with someone who’s never seen it before
  52. Shaking hand warmers and feeling them start to heat up 
  53. Making people laugh with an unintentional joke or pun
  54. Popping bubble wrap after opening a package
  55. Getting a baby to giggle or smile at you
  56. Merging on the highway at the start of a road trip
  57. Sitting by a campfire 
  58. Picking up a loved one at the airport
  59. Getting your hair brushed by someone else
  60. Realizing your favorite clothing item is actually clean
  61. Listening to little kids have a conversation
  62. Coming home from work 
  63. Adding fairy lights to your bedroom or favorite home space
  64. Taking fresh-baked cookies out of the oven
  65. Turning up the radio when a good song comes on
  66. Experiencing post-workout endorphins or “runner’s high”
  67. Trying on clothes that fit perfectly 
  68. Helping someone when they’re in need
  69. Putting on your favorite perfume 
  70. Getting an unexpected compliment on your work 
  71. Finding money left in a coat pocket
  72. Using a coupon code when shopping online 
  73. Climbing into bed with fresh sheets
  74. Perfectly wrapping a present 
  75. Seeing a city skyline 
  76. Noticing the seasons changing
  77. Putting chapstick on dry lips
  78. Shedding bulky coats and scarves 
  79. Planting flower bulbs in winter and seeing them bloom in spring
  80. Getting positive test results back 
  81. Adding a new line to your resume 
  82. Having the door held for you 
  83. Smelling freshly cut grass
  84. Dipping down into a hot tub or stepping into a sauna
  85. Soaking in a bubble bath
  86. Seeing the positive impact of meditating daily 
  87. Snuggling up under a cozy blanket 
  88. Sharing a home-cooked meal with friends 
  89. Catching up with an old friend
  90. Taking a hot shower 
  91. Holding hands for the first time with someone you like 
  92. Going on a trip with your best friend
  93. Eating a popsicle on a hot summer day 
  94. Getting in a good workout when you didn’t want to
  95. Going to a new place for dinner
  96. Planning your next vacation
  97. Finding little things you thought you’d lost
  98. Having enough time to stop for hot coffee before work
  99. Taking an afternoon nap 
  100. Sleeping in on a Sunday morning
  101. Testing out a new recipe
  102. A morning journaling session
  103. Looking through and reflecting on old photos
  104. That first sip of your favorite hot beverage
  105. Taking a long, leisurely bike ride
  106. Trying a new food
  107. Seeing the sun rise
  108. Getting up earlier than everyone else
  109. A bowl of ice cream
  110. Lying in the sun on an early summer day
  111. That first sip of coffee
  112. When you stumble upon the perfect quote
  113. A text from a friend you haven't heard from in a while


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YES! to all of these. I’m daydreaming about each one, and this list reminds me of the book, Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist.


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