How to Use a Bullet Journal Calendar (and 10 Ideas!)

How to Use a Bullet Journal Calendar (and 10 Ideas!)

A bullet journal calendar is an excellent tool people swear by to keep their lives organized, pursue their goals, stick to their habits, and so much more. 

If you’re a bullet journal user, you may already have a bullet journal monthly calendar, weekly calendar, or yearly calendar—or maybe you’re new to bullet journaling and you’re looking for the perfect calendar spread for your journal. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s everything you need to know about what a bullet journal calendar is, how to use it, and some examples for inspiration.

What is a Bullet Journal Calendar?

A bullet journal calendar is a personalized version of a regular weekly, monthly, or yearly calendar. It may appear on the first page of your bullet journal (or the first few pages) and it can include elements like a daily calendar (or daily log), monthly calendar (or record), and a yearly calendar—which can also include a future log, or a place to add upcoming commitments, occasions, and more.

How to Use a Bullet Journal Calendar

You can use your bullet journal to keep track of important events like birthdays, upcoming events, or even work commitments (some people don’t want to use their bullet journal for anything work-related, and that’s fine!) 

While we’re all for traditional habit trackers here at Silk+ Sonder (each issue has a page dedicated to it!) a bullet journal calendar can be a great alternative. For example, if you had a monthly bullet journal calendar, you might use a colored pen or marker to detail each time you participated in a habit you’re trying to build.

You might also want to use a bullet journal as a “countdown” for something you’re looking forward to—like a vacation—or a bullet journal calendar can help you track projects you’re working on. You can also include themes in your bullet journal calendar. For example, maybe you have a festive theme for December if you celebrate the holidays. 

Bullet Journal Calendar Examples

Here are some bullet journal calendar examples to help you get started: 

1. A neutral-toned monthly calendar 

Image via @JournalBambie

Calming, neutral tones can be a great way to get your month off on the right foot.

2. A rainbow yearly calendar

Image via Estrella.

This rainbow bullet journal calendar is sure to make you feel happy and cheerful. 

3. A themed monthly calendar

Image via @bujoforstars

A cheerful, themed monthly calendar like this one is a great bullet journal calendar option. 

4. A Silk + Sonder Monthly Calendar 

Imagine via Wellness and Wine
Obviously we love any excuse to see a well-filled-out Silk + Sonder calendar! 

5. A tie dye monthly calendar

Image via @littlesecretsbyc

How gorgeous is this tie-dye pattern? 

6. A sweet themed monthly calendar with an inspirational quote 

Image via @bujo_with_soph

If you ask us, inspirational quotes make everything so much better.

7. A monthly calendar with post-its

Image via @moonflowerbujo

We love this creating use of post-its! 

8. A city-themed monthly spread

Image via @planningwithkay

We love everything about this spread, from the colorful days of June to the bridge scene.

9. A simple and sweet monthly calendar page

Image via @laura.bujo

This simple image makes using a calendar so much easier.

10. A simple yet stunning monthly calendar page

Image via @bujo_with_soph

A relaxing scene and a great bujo are all you need. 

Remember, your daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly bullet journal calendar can look however you want it to—the only thing that really matters is that it resonates with you. So above all, make sure to have fun! 


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