Easy Lavender Drawing Tutorial

Easy Lavender Drawing Tutorial

If you’re looking for some new floral doodle inspiration, then you’ll love our easy lavender drawing tutorial. We've included a few ways to doodle lavender that result in a more full look or a more simple, delicate look. 


Lavender sprigs are timeless and one of the most fragrant flowers in the garden. Technically an herb and a member of the mint family, these little flowers make excellent and easy doodles for bullet journal spreads and notebooks!

Example of a simple lavender doodle!

Before you get started… gather your lavender drawing supplies!

If you’re looking for the perfect sketchbook supplies, pens and highlighters, check out our ultimate gift guide for people who love journaling. Here are a few of our favorites that would help you draw the perfect lavender doodle drawing.


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Quick and Easy Lavender Drawing Tutorial

Parts of the lavender flower to draw

Lavender doodles are easy to draw because they are essentially a stem, a few leaves at the base of the stem, and flowers along the stem. In a real spike or stem of lavender, the purple clusters (whorls) form on either side of the stem. And they are clusters of the flowers which each have a base (calyx) and top (corolla). In fact, all dried lavender is harvested when the actual flowers are still closed and not open buds. If allowed to bloom in the field, a brighter purple flower opens up out of the base of the bud. That’s considered the lavender bloom. 

From Everything-Lavender.com
  • Whorls = Purple clusters of buds 
  • Calyx = Base or bud of flower
  • Corolla = Flower crown

The easiest way to doodle or draw a lavender flower for your bullet journal or sketchbook is to draw the flowers in their bud form. Follow our steps!

How to draw lavender (it's easy and simple!)


Step 1 - Start with a blank stem. This is a simple line. Easy! You’ll draw the petals along this line.


Step 2 - Practice your flowers. There are three different types of flower or bud clusters. Some with 3 buds, 4 buds and 5 buds. And you don’t have to draw them all on every lavender stem. Just do what feels right!



Step 3 - Start at the top with the 3 bud clusters and work your way down the stem.


Step 4 - Gradually transition to the 4 bud clusters and finally the 5 bud clusters nearest the base of the stem.   


Step 4 - Keep going! And try layering or overlapping for a more full look. There’s no “right” amount of bud clusters. As long as the flowers get “bigger” as you work down the stem. 

Tip: don’t forget to leave room for leaves at the bottom!


Step 5 - Add some leaves at the base of your lavender stem.

And voila!  You now have a complete lavender doodle for your next bullet journal spread, planner, journal or notebook. Plus, there are so many variations and ways to draw unique but still easy lavender stems - with as many or as few buds as you’d like!

Want some easy lavender drawing inspo? 

Check out these bullet journal spreads on Instagram that have easy-to-draw doodles of lavender sprigs and stems!


Adding some lavender doodles to a monthly cover page is a great idea!

 Even creating a "how-to-draw" lavender doodle guide in your Bujo can be a fun way to practice and have a built-in reminder for future pages. 

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