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  • Bree—I don’t really have a daily schedule, but I do try to write every day. I do it “as soon as I have free time” which is usually in the morning, but could also be after work. I’ve been sick, so I haven’t pushed myself or beat myself up for not doing things like I think they “should” be done. With some of the issues in my life right now, I really feel I need the clarity writing (about what’s going on) brings to me. That said, I don’t often re-read. I haven’t read a lot about the benefits of journaling, I just do it. It doesn’t look pretty. Usually my writing, while clear, is utilitarian, not beautiful. The purpose is to examine my feelings, which often helps me figure out exactly what I DO feel.
    Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way” (about “Morning Pages”) says NOT to re-read, just get it down on paper, and maybe that would help you. Focus on what will help you most—whatever that is. If it’s just getting things on the paper, maybe you can forgive yourself for it not looking “perfect.”
    Earlier this week, I went to Barnes & Noble and found a few lovely blank books to write in, but I have also just used a lined composition book, which is cheap, because I prefer to write/print by hand instead of on the computer. Also a pen that writes smoothly is important for me. Last week I threw out three that were still writing, but obnoxiously starting to fade out in between spurts of smooth writing. Too frustrating. They went in the bin.
    Things I’ve read about habit forming say to reward yourself for doing your habit. If ticking a box is not enough, make it something you look forward to and want to do it. That could be: the most beautiful blank book you can find, your favorite pen, your favorite music in the background, a nice candle, or a nice little treat after you’re done. Or maybe a different thing every day. What’s your best motivator or treat? Figure out a way to use it. One thing I read said to make your own private nook in your house for yourself. I haven’t had the option for that until recently, so for years I would just sit on my bed & write. Another book I read said if you want to add habits (like exercise, but it could be journaling) stack them on habits you already have. For example, right after you brush your teeth before bed, & as a reminder, put your journal on your pillow in the morning, and afterward, leave it on the floor at night where you’ll see it in the morning to put it on your pillow for next time. Good luck!

    Valerie JAN 28, 2022

  • I always struggle with finding the perfect book to write in. I cant seem to stay consistent either with a daily schedule to set aside time to write. I love writing when I have the time to. But I dont like to do it on the co outer. Eventually I find myself writing and tearing out pages because I dont like how I wrote things etc. I cause myself more anxiety then I do with actually relieving it from writing! Any tips are welcomed!

    Bree SEP 30, 2021

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