How I Thrive: Canviiy Founder Sherrel Sampson

How I Thrive: Canviiy Founder Sherrel Sampson

How I Thrive takes an inside look at founders, entrepreneurs and leaders and the behind-the-scenes self-care work they do to in order to live balanced, happy lives. Today's edition is with Canviiy Founder Sherrel Sampson, who loves a good spa and meditation session.

Name: Sherrel Sampson

City: Tampa, Floria

Company: Canviiy, an organic-based health and wellness brand

Role: Founder and CEO 

Beyond the role: I'm a spa lover who enjoys meditation. 

Morning routine:

Meditate, listen to a business podcast, enjoy a cup of tea, then hit emails.

The first thing I do after work:  

Exercise. I love to cycle! 

Dinner ritual: 

Especially during COVID, I typically cook. I don't have a set time, but I try to start around 6:30 p.m. every evening.

Nighttime routine:  

I love to read to escape my mental to-do lists. I accompany my reading by turning on my oil diffuser, spa music, and candles. It sets the best energy in my mediation room. After reading, I'll take some time to reflect on the day and pray over my family.

Self-care guilty pleasure:

Pre-covid, I loved to spend hours at the spa. I would start in the wet room (jacuzzi and sauna), then get a 120-minute Swedish massage. If I'm feeling fancy, I'll follow it up with a luxurious facial.

Workday self-care hack:

Open the windows in my office and squeeze in breathing exercises.

How do you define self-care?

I define self care as a method to truly quiet the mind and allow oneself to be still in mind, body and spirit.

Favorite childhood toy or hobby:

I was an athlete as a child and later went on to be a softball collegiate athlete. It taught me the importance of a strong work ethic, persistence, and perseverance. I now integrate these in my life personally and professionally.

State of your (email) inbox: 

I use my email as task list and archiver into folders to stay organize.

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