How I Thrive: MUNS Founder Bianca Muns

How I Thrive: MUNS Founder Bianca Muns

How I Thrive takes an inside look at founders, entrepreneurs and leaders and the behind-the-scenes self-care work they do to in order to live balanced, happy lives. Today's edition is with MUNS founder Bianca Muns, who prioritizes daily calls with her grandmother and believes in both chocolate and annual doctors appointments as the ultimate form of self-care. 

Name: Bianca Muns

Age: 27

City: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Company: MUNS, a company that sells responsibly-made clothing and jewelry. 

Role: CEO and Creative Director 

Beyond the role: I have two dogs rescue dogs, Maya and Agatha. I also love exercising, going to the beach and being with my family.

Morning routine:

On a regular day I wake up at 6:30 and I go to the gym. After that I get home to water my plants, feed my dogs and get ready for my day. I take a bath, get dressed, make myself breakfast and of course drink coffee. I watch the news while eating my breakfast, and after that I get in the car to head to the office, where I call my grandmother to chat. I really enjoy taking the time to doing all these things before starting my workday — it really sets the tone for what kind of day I'm going to have.

The first thing I do after work:  

Once I get home from the office, I try to relax by visiting my parents, going to the market, or just hanging out on the couch and watching TV for a while.

Dinner ritual: 

I live with my boyfriend and we take turns cooking. So in the event that it's my turn to cook, I plan ahead. Once the food is ready, we sit down without our phones at around 7 or 8 p.m. and just talk about our days. On weekends we order takeout or go out to eat.

Nighttime routine:

My nighttime ritual is taking a long, hot bath and going through my skincare routine. I'll then put on some cozy pajamas, plan for the next day, and check up social media.

Self-care guilty pleasure:


Workday self-care hack: 

My office is located in the beautiful city of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. After lunch, I love taking a stroll through the streets of Old San Juan and buying a good cup of coffee. 

How do you define self-care?

To me, self-care is taking care of myself both physically and emotionally and listening to what my mind and body are asking for. Both are equally important. I got to my annual doctors' appointments, reward myself with some treats for my hard work, go to the beach, get a haircut, spend time why my boyfriend and friends, meditate and go to the gym. 

Favorite childhood toy or hobby: 

My favorite hobby when I was little was dancing. I had a team with my sisters and cousins. I loved doing choreographies and performing in front of my family. I think this was a way to show my creativity, lift others up, and experiment with my ability to lead. These activities have definitely influenced my adulthood — I love discovering new talents and giving equal opportunities to everyone. I also believe in being a team player and motivating them to be the best version of themselves, bother personally and professional. My team becomes my family.

State of your (email) inbox: 

I usually respond quickly. I mark things as read, delete non-essential emails and keep only the important or what I don’t want to loose.

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Illustration by Megan Behrendt

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