How to Get Unstuck in Your Journaling Practice

How to Get Unstuck in Your Journaling Practice

There’s no right way to start your journaling practice. The most important thing you can do is just crack open the journal and experiment. You'll quickly find out which prompts and exercises are enjoyable, and which might feel like a chore. 

Once you build your journaling routine, you'll feel more comfortable exploring the journal each month. We've put together our best tips and resources to help you identify what routine, rituals, and practices might work best for you. 

1. If you're worried you don't have enough time.

  • Carve Out Your Me-Time Moments: Set aside five minutes first thing in morning and right before bed. These quiet moments are a great time to devote to yourself.
  • Embrace the Flow: Giving yourself time to find your flow… don’t rush it!

2. If you're feeling overwhelmed. 

  • Don't Stress The Blank Pages: You may end up with completely blank pages in your journal, but don't stress about them! Choose what resonates with you and leave the rest behind. 
  • Your Journal, Your Way: Don't like using a planner? Skip those pages (or repurpose!). Do you prefer the coaching exercises and mood tracker? Lean into those! 

3. If you're in need of accountability to stay on track. 

  • Join Us In Sonder Club On Your App: You'll find inspiration from members on how they use the journal, and can see our gallery of examples.
  • Join Us At A Sonder Social: We have free virtual events each month that will help you set up your monthly journal, explore the new prompts, and more. These are all led by a trained Silk + Sonder Coach.

4. If you love guided journaling.

  • Get The Most Out Of Guided Journaling: You can listen to our mini-podcast every day on our app, led by Founder Meha Agrawal. These Daily Rituals are designed to unlock positivity, mindfulness, and only take a few minutes each day and include a new journal prompt. This is a great interactive way to practice guided journaling!
  • Positivity At Your Fingertips: Our app also includes Mini Meditations and Daily Affirmations, for an even quicker boost of positivity in your day!

5. If you want to build your own routine. 

  • There's No One-Size Fits All: Are you a visual learner? Watch our helpful how-to videos that will inspire you to get started journaling, explore our app, and maximize your Silk + Sonder experience!

How to get started

How to use our app

How to create a routine

We hope this has been a helpful round-up of tips to build your journaling routine. If you still feel stuck, feel free to reach out to us at for help!

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