How to Overcome the Sunday Scaries

How to Overcome the Sunday Scaries

By Alyssa Hagman 

 Ahh, the sunday scaries.  The feeling of doom that usually sets in around 3 P.M. when I realize all the things I didn’t accomplish over the weekend.  I think we can all agree that this is a real thing. An experience that comes week in and week out, following a long night that usually includes drinking too much, spending too much, or all of the above and more.  But if we know that it’s coming every Sunday, why do we still get the “scaries?” A good question I have yet found the answer for, but I have found some ways to help with the fear of Monday setting in.

Get your mind right.

If you’re the religious or spiritual type, I’ve found that church is my place to refresh my spirit for the upcoming week. If that’s not your thing, maybe your way of getting focused includes listening to a new podcast, going for an adventurous hike in the park, or even sitting down with your planner to start checking off that to-do list (there’s just something about checking off things that feels so good).

Dedicated prep time.

I like to spend my Sunday’s meal planning for the week so I am not tempted to pick up fast food on the way home. Having your meals planned and prepped in just a few dedicated hours will give you more time during the week spent not worrying about what to eat, being hangry, and will most likely save you money.  My to-do list is pretty long on Sunday’s after typically taking time to rest and not doing anything, so my anxiety to accomplish it all is usually overwhelming. But if I can set up a timer to finish up my top three things I need to do within an hour or two before Monday morning comes, it usually provides me with the satisfaction that maybe everything is not so scary after all.

Brunch, anyone?

Get social and meet up with friends for brunch, but be careful what you choose.  Heavy carbs which are oh, so comforting could cause a crash later in the day. Mix it up with fresh fruits and protein to keep you energized throughout the day.

I tend to get distracted and procrastinate.. or am honestly too tired to function, but I’ve found that if I can get inspired and set aside just a fraction of my time on Sunday, those scaries and the week ahead aren’t so bad afterall.

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