How To Practice Self-Care, According To Your Astrological Sign

How To Practice Self-Care, According To Your Astrological Sign

It’s something we all need, yet many of us neglect it: Self-care. And by self-care, we're referring to habits you can incorporate into your daily routine to improve your well-being, because let's face it — COVID-19 has tested our mental and physical strength in ways we never imagined.

While it’s normal to get swept up in the busyness of everyday life, it can take a toll on both physical and mental health. Neglecting self-care can lead to lower energy, higher levels of stress, anxiety, the list goes on and on. That’s why it’s important to find ways to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. And since self-care isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, everyone’s self-care routine will be different.

Because we don't want this to be any old article about self-care, may we recommend looking at self-care through the lens of astrology? Your star sign reveals a great deal about your personality: What motivates you, energizes you, your strengths and weaknesses and more.

To learn more about star signs and self-care, we spoke with astrologers Stephanie Gailing and Guadalupe Terrones. Read on for a list of self-care rituals for each sign:


Aries is a cardinal fire sign that’s full of energy and passion. Starting projects isn’t an issue, but following through is a different story entirely. A good habit for Aries is breaking down bigger projects into smaller, more manageable steps. That way, every action feels like an exciting new beginning, Terrones explains.

“They might also benefit from working with candles and setting intentions. As the candle burns gradually, they too might learn to harness their fire and pace themselves in the same way,” she adds. Passionate and fiery Aries needs an outlet for their intensity. With a temper, this sign is prone to health problems such as high blood pressure.

As Aries love beginnings, it’s easier for them to stay motivated in their wellness pursuits if they set a series of smaller consecutive goals rather than one very large one, Gailing says. This way they can check off their accomplishments, feeling inspired by all the battles that they’ve won. Martial arts, walking meditation and Impatiens flower essence are some good self-care strategies for Aries.


When it comes to self-care, Taurus needs to find ways to keep their five senses occupied. Gardening and cooking are great ways to nourish a Taurus soul, Terrones states. Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty and pleasure, flower essences or essential oils are very therapeutic.

Gailing says change can be difficult for this grounded sign. Therefore, it’s important for them to take it slow and be patient with themselves as they shift gears and adopt new habits. And also, they should be using their sensuality to their advantage! When it comes to self-care practices, enjoy massages, colorful fresh smoothies, and herbs grown from their own garden to amplify their well-being.


A good self-care tip for Gemini is breathwork. As the sign of the twins, Gemini rules our twin lungs. Terrones explains that Pranayama or deep breathing practices in yoga especially Nadi Shodhana will keep them balanced throughout the day. Nadi Shodhana is a breathing practice which involves alternate nostril breathing and is perfect for this dual sign.

Curiosity keeps Gemini inspired. Having a wide range of self-care practices to choose from is the key to keeping them motivated, Gailing says. Talk therapy honors their loquacious nature, making game-night the perfect self-care ritual. 

Keeping a journal is also beneficial. Writing on a regular basis helps them process and express all the thoughts running through their minds. Steering clear of social media will also help avoid anxiety and stress triggers. 


An Epsom salts bath is a must for Cancer, especially when it comes to managing their emotional health. As an empathetic sign, they can get carried away by their emotions or the emotions of others. For Cancer to get enough sleep, it helps to have a cleansing ritual in the evening. This can mean limiting Netflix and screen time. 

A key feature of a self-care approach for a Cancer is to honor their sensitive nature and give to themselves, not just others. “Carve out regularly scheduled “me-time” and do activities — whether you want to soak in a tub, use a face mask, or read a book — that honor what you need,” says Gailing. “Your love of tradition may have you quite interested in folk medicines, remedies passed down through your ancestors, and time-honored family recipes.”

Nurturing loved ones comes naturally for a Cancer, but they need to be careful not to give to the point of emptying out their own tank. 


Self-care for Leo means having an outlet for self-expression and creativity. “They do not have to create professional art, but they can add a little fun into their daily lives. Leos can do this by using colorful pens with their planner or working through an adult coloring book,” Terrones states. Let your inner artist shine!

As a Sun baby, being in the solar rays is elemental for your spirit; if cloudy days cloud your spirit, Gailing recommends using full spectrum bulbs or consider getting a light box.

Also, like your totem, the Lion, taking good care of your hair is important; so treat it luxuriously by doing regular scalp massages, deep moisturizing treatments and choosing natural hair care products that nourish your locks.


A very important habit for Virgo is consistent meal times. They tend to have sensitive stomachs, but consistency helps their digestive system thrive. According to Terrones, this sign likely suffers from insomnia, so having a consistent waking and sleeping time is essential. This is a sign that would love planning out their day ahead of time. However, they can be hard on themselves when they’re not able to get to everything. Therefore, this sign should prioritize what they’ll be satisfied with getting done for the day.

“With your earthy ways, being in nature can help you relax and find your ground; gardening, strolls in a park, or bird watching are some activities that can help you release stress,” Gailing says. “At the core of your self-care is watching your perfectionist nature, curbing your tendency to criticize and setting the bar to an unrealistic level. To this aim, the flower essence Pine may be an incredible ally.” 


A helpful habit for Libra is consistent journaling. Libras thrive when receiving feedback from others; however, they often let feedback overtake their own opinions. For this sign, spending time reflecting on personal values and boundaries is important.

Another self-care action for this sign is retail therapy. Whether it’s window shopping or online browsing, they will feel nourished simply by appreciating the beauty that’s out there.

Socially oriented, you may find yourself more motivated to do self-care activities if they involve engaging with others, Gailing says. As such, sign up for yoga with a friend, do a meditation class with your partner, or get your friends together for a spa outing.

Since Libra rules the skin, make sure to take great care of yours. Exfoliate regularly, deep clean your skin and make sure to keep it hydrated.


For a Scorpio to feel nourished and taken care of they need to have a consistent ritual that engrosses them in mind, body, and soul. Energy healing such as Reiki are very nourishing for this sign that experiences life beyond the physical, Terrones states. They may even enjoy working with the powerful energy of crystals. Scorpio should develop a practice that encourages intimacy and confidence in their sexuality.

This sign loves diving deep into things, and self-care is no exception. Deep-tissue massage, boot camp workouts, detox diets, and other activities can challenge their resilience. To honor their mystery-loving nature, they may want to consider psychotherapy or shamanic healing.


Long walks are a must for Sagittarius, since this sign rules the hips and thighs. They’re also a mutable fire sign which means they appreciate variety. Terrones recommends scenic walks to satisfy their senses. They should make it a priority to book occasional getaways. As counterintuitive as it sounds, they’ll end up being more stable when they make freedom a habit.

Sagittarius are explorers of the zodiac. Gailing suggests self-care strategies from other cultures such as Thai massage, African dance, or Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. Whether it’s traveling, reading a philosophical book, or taking an ethnic cooking class, they should engage in activities that allow them to discover new things. This makes them feel at ease.

As a sign with a ton of mental energy, it helps to release some of that energy through physical activity. For a Sag, focusing on their physical health will help improve their mental health. 


Capricorns tend to be hard on themselves when they’re not working on a goal. Setting goals and a to-do list that's purely for themselves can keep them from burning out, Terrones says.

As a result, a habit tracker for self-care is a must for a Capricorn. Otherwise, they’ll let work take over. A Capricorn is a more traditional sign, so in the morning, they could enjoy a cup of tea along with an interesting article. That will fuel them up for the day.   

This sign’s disciplined, no-nonsense nature appreciates straightforward approaches to self-care. They are likely more interested in things with a long history and proven track record compared to the latest wellness fad, Gailing states.

Since this sign rules the skeletal system, they should eat a whole-foods diet rich in calcium, magnesium, and vitamin K; incorporate resistance exercise like rebounding and weight training; and try anti-inflammatory supplements like turmeric, which may help bolster their physical foundation.


Meditation is a must for a sign like Aquarius who lives in their head more than any other sign. It’s important for Aquarius to become familiar with their thoughts so that they can obtain better control over them, Terrones explains.

Similar to Pisces, it’s also important for Aquarius to ground themselves in their body and a good self-care tip is dry-brushing. The deep tissue feeling will help them get out of their heads and help with circulation in the body—the area which Aquarius governs.

“With one eye to the future, and the other open to the innovative, self-care strategies that seem exotic or even “woo” to others may seem natural to Aquarius,” Gailing says. “Whether it’s homeopathic healing, acupuncture, or Reiki, you understand how vibrational healing may offer a network of benefits.”

Another great idea is to declutter their physical space to help clear their headspace.


It’s really important for a water sign like Pisces to have habits that will keep them grounded. A good way for Pisces to ward off escapism tendencies is to take a walk through the park or nature — especially barefoot, as Pisces rules the feet. Terrones suggests intuitive movement as it brings them back into their body. This can range from yoga to dance that isn't choreographed.

“With an aqueous nature, self-care strategies that are water bound can help wash away stress,” Gailing says. For example, regularly soak in an aromatherapy bubble bath, go for a swim, or take strolls by the water.

“Honor your dreamy nature by reading poetry, painting with water colors, using creative visualization exercises to bolster your well-being, and, of course, turning to your nighttime dreams to see the wisdom that they are offering you,” she adds.

Ready to practice self-care? It's go time! Let the stars be your guide.

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