How to Set Daily Goals + 15 EXAMPLE Goals

How to Set Daily Goals + 15 EXAMPLE Goals

One of the best ways to see growth in your life is by setting daily goals. Instead of casting a wide net and planning for your next month, quarter, or even year, daily goals are bite-sized goals. 

Why setting goals leads to positive habits

Daily goals actually serve a much bigger purpose. While doing five minutes of meditation before you leave your bedroom in the morning may seem like a small achievement, it’s not. That is one task you set out to accomplish. And before you even have your first cup of coffee, you’ve achieved it.

Setting daily goals and achieving them has a snowball effect. Every daily task you accomplish gives you confidence that you can actually do what you set out to. Sometimes we need this self-assurance before we can tackle larger goals.

And soon enough, these small, daily goals develop into habits and routines that are both positive and transformative. 

How to set daily goals and achieve them

It may seem like a no-brainer to decide what small goals you want to set on a daily basis. But there actually is a method for setting these daily goals so that you’re able to achieve them. 

Because there’s nothing worse than setting meaningless goals that you don’t accomplish. That’s deflating and ultimately detrimental to your mental health. 

Get specific when setting your daily goals 

One of the first things to avoid is vagueness. Be specific. While we would all like to “be more proactive” on a daily basis, that’s not achievable every minute of every day. What does it look like to be proactive? What is a specific task, time of day, and way to be more proactive? 

Also an element of setting a S.M.A.R.T goal, specificity is the only way you can put a checkmark next to a goal and call it “done!” So, think practically about every single aspect of the goals you want to achieve.

Decide what time of day to set a daily goal

Narrow down your goals by time of day. This goal setting technique is important specifically for daily goal setting because your time to achieve them is set to 24-hours. 

You may have morning, afternoon, and evening goals. You may have mealtime goals or daily goals you achieve while in transit to places. Break your day into pieces so that your goals have micro deadlines throughout the day. 

Consider why you are setting this daily goal 

When setting your goals for the day, take time to think about what achieving a goal could mean. Could it eliminate a pain point you experience on a daily basis? Would help you get in a new routine over time? Why are you setting this goal?

Some of the daily goals you set may make a big difference for your days. Instead of getting nowhere when you set a general goal of “get in shape,” think about why that goal is so difficult to achieve. A daily goal of “complete a 15 minute workout video before dinner” could be a game changer for establishing a consistent fitness routine.

List all the requirements for achieving the daily goal 

Lastly, in order to achieve your daily goals, you need to list out everything it’s going to take to accomplish it. Remember, you are trying to achieve these goals daily. So, what things need to change in your life so that you can?

List out any people that may need to be involved for accountability or assistance. List out any tools, devices, equipment or food that you need. List out prerequisite tasks that have to be done first. 

If these requirements cannot be met, then you’re going to get nowhere trying to meet your daily goals.

Examples of daily goals you should try

We’ve found one of the easiest ways to set daily goals is to break the every single day into morning, afternoon and evening. Some of our favorite goals revolve around daily wellness and health habits. 


  • Don’t hit snooze, get out of bed when the alarm goes off the first time! 
  • Make the bed before leaving the room
  • Declutter or put away one item that is taking up space in the house
  • Journal, meditate or pray (for X amount of minutes) - there are lots of different types of journaling you can try!
  • Eat breakfast - doesn’t matter what, just feed your body!


  • Go for a walk after lunch or mid-afternoon 
  • Take the stairs instead of elevator (if applicable at work)
  • Call someone important to you to check-in during commute/transit
  • Learn a new vocabulary word - lots of tools deliver these to your email inbox daily!


  • Read one chapter out of a book OR listen to one podcast episode 
  • Prepare any meals for the next day
  • Do an at-home workout video or go to a workout class before dinner
  • Drink a calming tea or beverage after dinner to transition the mind for relaxation
  • Journal, meditate or pray (for X amount of minutes) again before bed
  • Go to bed by X o’clock

These are goals you can set daily and work towards achieving before your head hits the pillow. Remember, it’s just one day. If you don’t meet as many goals as you’d hoped, tomorrow is a new day!

What aspects of daily goal setting stuck out to you? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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Thanks for the tips, i really love this
Silk + Sonder replied:
We’re so glad to hear it!


Thank you for all of your tips and suggestions. I like how you broke down the goals in different parts of the day. It’s so simple, but was an “a-ha” moment for me! I thoroughly enjoyed this and will impliment much of it in my journaling and day-to-day goals. Thank you!

Malia Flynn

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