11 Reasons Why Being Imperfect Is So Much Better Than Being Perfect

11 Reasons Why Being Imperfect Is So Much Better Than Being Perfect

Perfect imperfection: On its face, this might not be a phrase that makes a ton of sense, but look a little closer and you'll understand what we mean. One key element of personal development is understanding that imperfect is perfect. And that often, perfect can be the enemy of good. 

Here at Silk + Sonder, we're all about breaking up with perfect—which is why we're here to highlight 11 reasons why being imperfect is so much better than being perfect. 

13 Reasons Why Imperfect Is Perfect

1. Being imperfect can help you work shorter hours

As the saying goes, "don't let perfect be the enemy of good." When we're hyper-focused on being perfect, we often work more slowly—cue the long hours and work burnout. If you're willing to embrace being imperfect, even if it's just once in a while, you may find that your work is just as good, and that you get it done a lot more in less time. Sounds pretty great, right?

2. Imperfection is beautiful

Think of the most beautiful sights on planet earth. A gorgeous sunset, for example, doesn't happen when there's a clear blue sky—it happens when clouds are around to bring out the colors. Rainbows only come out after the rain. See what we're getting at?

3. Imperfection makes space for acceptance

When we're caught up in the idea of being perfect, there isn't a ton of wiggle room for acceptance. When we embrace being imperfect, however, we're better able to accept the flaws in others and in ourselves. 

4. Imperfection helps us grow

When we make mistakes—and we all make mistakes, whether we're striving for perfection or not—those mistakes help us grow. Whether it's a mistake at work, in your personal life, or elsewhere, when you make a mistake you always learn from it, if you allow yourself to. See how helpful imperfection can be?

5. Imperfection can actually improve our self-esteem

Does it sound counterintuitive? Sure. But when we embrace our imperfections, we realize that we're still whole people, perfect or not—and often, that makes us like ourselves a lot better. Cue the improved self-esteem.

6. Imperfection can help us better see the world in shades of gray

Black and white thinking can be dangerous, and when we're constantly striving toward perfection, our thinking style is very black and white. When we embrace imperfection, however, we're better able to see the world—and others—in shades of gray, and that's an important skill to cultivate to be a more compassionate person, both toward ourselves and others. 

7. Imperfection leads to a more interesting life

What's fun and exciting about a life that's always perfect? When we embrace imperfection, our lives are multi-layered and significantly more interesting. We're able to fall in love with spontaneity, with the unexpected, with the messy. And isn't there something truly beautiful about that?

8. Imperfection allows us to be genuine

When we embrace imperfection, we can be more true to ourselves and to others. To a certain extent, striving for perfection means always putting on a show—and when embrace the fact that people are imperfect at their core, it allows us to be more genuine. This makes us better friends, partners, parents ... the list goes on and on.

9. Perfection is, well...boring

Think about those people in your life that you view as "perfect." First of all, there probably aren't a whole lot of them. But second, when you do think of them, do you think they're interesting? Or are they boring? We're going to guess the answer to that is the latter. 

10. Perfection can be incredibly limiting

It's hard to experience the richness and fullness of life when we're stuck in a cycle of trying to be perfect. How can we change grow if we're constantly trying to fit ourselves into a little box and be perfect? The answer is that it's really hard—but learning to adapt and become new versions of ourselves is part of what makes the human experience so beautiful.

11. Perfect doesn't exist

Last but not least, we have a hard truth to deliver: Perfection doesn't actually exist. No one is perfect. So striving for it isn't worth it. You'll never get there anyway!



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