Introducing SILK + SONDER

Introducing SILK + SONDER

Our journey to begin SILK + SONDER came about in the most organic fashion: over dinner and drinks in San Francisco while the usual debating of strategies on how to stay productive, inspired, and focused — a mutual therapy session between friends. As engineers turned entrepreneurs, we shared a passion to optimize all aspects of our lives.

We thought it was ridiculously absurd that, for centuries, we’ve subscribed to a culture that celebrates new “year” resolutions and sells “annual” planners. What a stifling framework to live in — a “once-a-year” opportunity to reset, and then we’re stuck…for 364 days after that.

Why couldn’t we try again every month, every week, every day even?

Why couldn’t there be a pocket of inspiration to look forward to each month? A new beginning to get us closer to our dreams.

We’ve all attempted to commit to yearly planners, blank diaries, and everything in-between (hideous wide-ruled journals, we are especially talking to you). Coupled with our love for stationery, stamps, and thin-pointed pens, we decided that nothing could be more fitting than creating a product we’ve been craving for decades: one in which art, design, and travel intersect with formulas for productivity, passion, and focus.

The best part: we get to experiment and start afresh every month until we figure out what works best for you. We’ve been obsessed with making these little hand-crafted, thoughtfully designed, and diversely curated gems with love and joy, and we look forward to delivering that happiness to your doorstep every month!

With love,

Meha and Joe, your SILK + SONDER Creators

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