Achieving Your Goals 101: Here's Your Guide To Making It Happen In 2020

Achieving Your Goals 101: Here's Your Guide To Making It Happen In 2020

At Silk + Sonder, we believe no dream is too big. Want to write a novel that makes the New York Times bestseller list? Great, we'll see you on that list in a few years. If you want to start your own super-successful company, awesome, we'll see your picture on the cover of Forbes any day now. 

As much as we believe in your dreams—and hope you believe in them, too!—going from idea to reality is no easy feat. Luckily, there are plenty of action steps you can take for achieving your dreams. Here's your guide to making it happen in in 2020 and beyond.

Create a vision board. 

Whether you want to get out the poster board, scissors and glue or you'd rather make one on Pinterest or Instagram, a vision board is a great first step.

Visualization is an incredibly powerful tool for helping make your dreams come true (Olympic athletes use it all the time!), and creating a vision board that you can reference often is an excellent way to build that visualization into your life on a daily basis. So cobble together any number of images that serve as visual reminder of your dreams, and place your vision board where you can see it.  

Write it down. 

Taking pen to paper is a great way to make something feel more concrete and real than it did when it only existed in your head, or as something you said out loud to a friend. Crack open your journal and write as if your dream is coming true in this moment. How will you feel? Who will celebrate with you? What will you do to celebrate yourself? Writing down the details of this incredible moment. 

You can also use your Silk + Sonder "intentions" page to write this dream down over and over again. Each time you write it down, you'll bring it one step closer to reality. 

Use positive affirmations.

We hit roadblocks with most things in life, and this is especially true when we're going after huge, pie-in-the-sky dreams. Unless you're superhuman, there's bound to be a lot of rejection along the way—and that can feel discouraging. 

Positive affirmations are key here, so create a handful that you can repeat to yourself on a daily basis. Say them out loud every morning, or if you have a moment to go into a quiet conference room during the day, do it there. 

"The book I wrote is great, and an agent will want to represent it any day now" or "My company is brilliant and deserves to get funding" are great examples. 


Meditation can help lower anxiety, clear your mind of useless clutter, and help you go after your dreams with the laser focus you need. When you're working on making your dreams a reality, try meditating on a certain word. To use the book example, maybe you repeat the title of your book while visualizing the cover and breathing deeply. 

Talk about it. 

Don't be shy. Talk about those dreams! Let everyone who will listen—your mom, your best friend, your significant other, your kids—know what you're dreaming about, and that you plan to make it a reality. 

This will help you create built-in accountability buddies who will check in with you if they think you're getting discouraged or slacking off a little. 

Long story short, a few easy steps can go a long way. So start conquering those dreams. We believe in you. 

What dreams are you hoping to achieve in 2020? Let us know in the comments. And in the meantime, if you're not a Silk + Sonder subscriber, become one today by clicking here

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Wow, these journals look so beautiful! I would love to be intentional about being positive, both through affirmations and just looking on the bright side of things more for 2020!

Courtney Du Monde

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