75 Ideas for Your Mental Health Self-Care Checklist

75 Ideas for Your Mental Health Self-Care Checklist

Many of us know first-hand the importance of prioritizing our mental health. Having a mental health self-care checklist can help us make sure there are daily self-care activities we are doing to maintain our physical and mental health.

A recent national survey showed that after practicing daily self-care, participants experienced enhanced self-confidence (64%), increased productivity (67%), and happiness (71%). 

No matter where you are in your self-care journey, there are ways we can all take better care of ourselves to improve our overall wellness. Some of these self-care ideas and strategies are simple things, like practicing deep breathing or getting adequate sleep at night. But having a daily self-care checklist and routine for one’s mental health can help solidify healthy habits and meet specific needs.

Mental Health Self-Care Checklist for Overall Wellness 

  1. Eat a healthy snack
  2. Practice deep breathing or breathwork
  3. Buy yourself fresh flowers
  4. Go to bed an hour early
  5. Write and mail a letter to an old friend
  6. Set a new intention for yourself
  7. Drink one gallon of water in 24 hours
  8. Light a candle, diffuse essential oils, or burn incense
  9. Go to the gym or studio
  10. Try an adult coloring book
  11. Stretch your body
  12. Listen to your favorite music
  13. Try a guided meditation
  14. Cook a new recipe
  15. Go to an art gallery
  16. Write through a journal prompt
  17. Treat yourself to a special dessert
  18. Make a cup of hot tea
  19. Do a crossword puzzle
  20. Start a new bullet journey spread
  21. Go on a hike
  22. Declutter one area of your home
  23. Watch a movie
  24. Play with your pet, child, or just make up a game for yourself
  25. Write down your specific needs
  26. Write down ways to show compassion to yourself
  27. Come up with one new healthy habit to start
  28. Attend a religious service
  29. Sit on a park bench
  30. Get a manicure or pedicure
  31. Do at-home skincare or spa care
  32. Pay homage by visiting a local memorial 
  33. Look back at old photos 
  34. Exercise outside
  35. Plan your next vacation 
  36. Buy a new house plant
  37. Take a nap
  38. Make cookies or bake something
  39. Strike up a conversation with someone
  40. Start a new book 
  41. Recite positive affirmations
  42. Practice learning new skills or craft
  43. Try a new physical activity
  44. Talk about what’s bothering you in therapy
  45. Practice self-acceptance meditation 
  46. Take a break from social media
  47. Plan a day to sleep in without an alarm
  48. Take a hot shower
  49. Get a haircut or new hairstyle
  50. Download a productivity app to try
  51. Write a letter to your future self
  52. Take a bath
  53. Join a book club
  54. Volunteer somewhere locally
  55. Go thrift shopping
  56. Sit in the sunshine for Vitamin D
  57. Try to eliminate negative self-talk
  58. Try gratitude journaling
  59. Meal prep for the week
  60. Connect with your loved ones
  61. Set a reminder to breath, pray, recite an affirmation
  62. Add mindfulness to your morning routine
  63. Think of one way to test your limits
  64. Take a break from alcohol and caffeine
  65. Wear an outfit that’s outside your comfort zone
  66. Climb a tree (be careful!) :) 
  67. Go to a library
  68. Practice asking for help or delegating 
  69. Watch the sunrise or sunset
  70. Do something that makes you laugh
  71. Have a solo dance party - move your body!
  72. Listen to the birds
  73. Create a collage or vision board of things you love
  74. Take yourself out to lunch
  75. Brainstorm some new goals

How to Use a Mental Health Self-Care Checklist

On any given day, we may need different emotional support or physical care to support our mental health. And that’s okay! Just like eating a balanced diet, our bodies and minds need different foods for different health benefits.

Our 75-item self-care checklist isn’t meant to be tackled on a daily basis. Obviously! Take time to analyze yourself and what you need each day.

Here's what we suggest you do daily: Carve out 10 minutes at the start or end of your day to decide what areas you want to focus on. And create a list of 5 self-care items that are going to be important for your mental health TODAY. Fill out those five into our blank printable self-care checklist. And strive to prioritize your short but solid self-are checklist for that day. 

our daily mental health self-care checklist template

Download our printable self-care checklist template! 



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