23 New Year Intention Ideas for 2023

23 New Year Intention Ideas for 2023

While the concept of New Year's resolutions gets a little tiresome, here at Silk + Sonder we love a good intention (or a handful of them) to help us ring in and become more intentional in the new year.

As we at what we want to leave behind in 2022 and bring into 2023, it can be helpful to set concrete intentions. That way, you'll have something to strive toward every day—and if you do it right, something that will bring more joy and purposefulness to your life.

Struggling to come up with intentions that work for you? In honor of 2023, we came up with 23 of them. So whether these ideas are perfect fits or simply inspire you to come up with an intention that you can easily tailor to your own life and goals, we've got you covered.  

New Year Intention Ideas

1. Got to bed earlier

2. Spend free time more intentionally

3. Cultivate a powerful morning routine

4. Focus on progress, not perfection

5. Have a healthy relationship with my body

6. Do one thing that scares me every month

7. Pause before reacting

8. Rest more

9. Give back

10. Connect with the present moment

11. Practice self-care

12. Learn something new

13. Connect to nature

14. Be patient

15. Love unconditionally

16. Practice mindful movement

17. Experience more joy

18. Drink more water

19. Speak kindly to myself

20. Nourish my body with healthy food

21. Set boundaries

22. Protect my energy

23. Spend more time with people I love

How to Apply These Intentions

Intentions can feel a bit abstract, and these ones are no exception. So once you come up with your intention, it's important to break down exactly how you'll put it into action. For example, if you intend to practice self-care, what does that mean to you? Does it mean journaling, taking nightly baths, moving your body more regularly? And how often will you practice self-care? 

If you intend to go to bed earlier, what time will you go to bed? Will you ever make exceptions (on the weekends, for example)? What time will you intend to get up in the morning? By writing down the details of how you'll put these intentions into action, you can really put them into practice. Here's to a great, intentional year ahead! 


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