45 One-Sentence Self-Care Tips

45 One-Sentence Self-Care Tips

LWe know how important self-care is. Research shows that regularly practicing self-care can help increase energy, lower risk of illness, and help you manage your stress.

But life gets busy, and it can be hard to remember this when you're juggling work, school, family schedules, and the day-to-day chaos that life brings. So, let these 45 one-sentence tips serve as your reminder for why self-care is so important—and maybe even inspire you to try out a few new self-care ideas.

Even if your self-care practice is on track now, if you ever feel your self-care practice falling by the wayside, you can refer back to these at any point. Enjoy! 

45 One-Sentence Self-Care Tips

1. Self-care doesn't have to take three hours—it can literally be five minutes of your day.

2. Self-care means something different for everyone.

3. If nothing else, get enough sleep.

4. Listening to your intuition is a radical form of self-care.

5. When you're burned out, the fastest, gentlest remedy is self-care.

6. Take a moment to remind yourself why self-care is so important.

7. Don't put your energy toward something that doesn't align with your values.

8. Yes, exercise is good for physical health—but it's an excellent form of self-care, too. 

9. You can say "no" without offering up an explanation.

10. Take a break before you think you need one.

11. Social media is probably taking away from you happiness, so step away from it from time to time.

12. Remember you have to fasten your own seatbelt first before helping others.

13. Your phone will be there all day, so don't devote the first moments of your day to it.

14. Taking a minute of your day to take a few deep, healing breaths can change everything.

15. A really good brain dump can turn your day around in a matter of minutes. 

16. Gardening is an excellent way to forget your troubles and get into a nice, meditative flow state. 

17. When all else fails, get out in nature.

18. If you're jittery and anxious, try drinking decaf coffee instead.

19. Go ahead, buy yourself flowers.

20. The most important promises you'll ever make are the ones you make to yourself, so don't break them.

21. Try eating fewer sugary foods and more veggies, fish, nuts, and seeds.

22. Skip the cocktail; try a mocktail instead.

23. Cooking yourself a nourishing meal can be a nice act of self-care.

24. Make sure to always speak to yourself with kindness.

25. If you're having a hard time finding balance in your life, find a few yoga poses that require balance and practice them every day. 

26. If meditation is your thing, practice it as often as you possibly can. 

27. Find a form of journaling that works for you and do it as often as you can.

28. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh and bring joy to your life.

29. Lie down on your bed and listen to calming, peaceful music.

30. Take mental health days from time to time.

31. Make sure to get up and stretch a few times a day.

32. Practice gratitude often.

33. Declutter.

34.  If you have a hard time getting enough sleep at night, sneak in a nap.

35. Do more yoga.

36. Remember to get heart-pumping, sweaty exercise a couple times a week. 

37. Never stop reminding yourself that you deserve happiness.

38. Steer clear of energy vampires.

39. Listen to a podcast that inspires you.

40. Sip a warm, nourishing cup of tea.

41. Light a candle and gaze at the flame.

42. Watch the rain or snow fall outside your window.

43. Get outside in the sunshine an feel it on your face (with proper SPF, of course).

44. Go for a hike by yourself.

45. Cuddle a pet.

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