60 Positive Affirmations to Help You Crush the Workday

60 Positive Affirmations to Help You Crush the Workday

Daily affirmations geared toward help you make the most of your workday—or easing anxiety around work—are a great way to help you enjoy those eight hours a day (or more!) that you spend working in your office or home office. Positive affirmations can also help you enjoy work more, and give you a sense of peace and excitement around your job and career in general.

Want to start adding work-related affirmations to your affirmation jar? Start with these ones.  

Positive Work Affirmations

1. I am fueled by my passion for my job

2. I deserve respect at work

3. I inhale motivation on exhale stress

4. I do things at work that get me out of my comfort zone

5. I am focused and ready to face the day

6. My wellbeing always comes first

7. I bring value to the workplace

8. I am working to the best of my ability every day

9. I am constantly pushing myself to develop at work

10. I deserve a break

11. I am a creative force

12. My mental health is the most important thing

13. I celebrate all my victories, even the small ones

14. I am empowered and can face any challenge

15. I am a team player who can be trusted

16. My imposter syndrome is just that—imposter syndrome

17. Confidence only boosts productivity

18. My hard work will be rewarded

19. Burnout is not the key to success

20. I can get more done in less time than I think

21. I have the power to create my own success

22. I treat my colleagues with the respect they deserve to be treated with

23. I am surrounded by people who want me to succeed

24. I am excited for all the possibilities that today holds

25. I am fulfilling my purpose in this world

26. Every day I am better than before

27. My ability to conquer any challenge is limitless

28. I am letting go of my fears and anxiety around work 

29. I am more than my job

30. I can set boundaries and still succeed at work

31. I can crush my to-do list today

32. My boss isn't mad at me

33. I deserve happiness at work

34. Taking vacation will only make me better at my job

35. If I don't have my dream job now, it's out there

36. I am going to do a good job today

37. It's OK to make mistakes

38. There's always room for new professional growth

39. My personal life can be separate from my work life

40. I will keep my work at work

41. I can achieve anything with the help of my team

42. My coworkers bring out the best in me

43. I can rise to any challenges that come up

44. I will remain calm even when dealing with difficult people and situations

45. I can interact with difficult colleagues

46. I can speak openly and honestly with my colleagues

47. I am thankful for my job

48. I am imperfect, and that's OK

49. I can handle stressful situations with clarity

50. I am the author of my own success story

51. This too shall pass

52. Today and every day, I will work toward my success

53. My job does not define my worth

54. It's OK to relax and reset after a long day

55. I am talented and ambitious

56. I will be present in every moment

57. Today I will strive to do my best

58. I enjoy working

59. It's OK to turn my email off when the workday is done

60. I can make my dreams come true


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