38 Fun Solo Date Ideas to Try This Weekend

38 Fun Solo Date Ideas to Try This Weekend

Keeping a bank of fun solo date ideas can be an empowering daily reminder that the only person you need to have a fun, meaningful day or night is you. With a list of favorite activities and a solid idea of how you like to spend your alone time in hand, you'll always have a lot of exciting options to choose from.

Still scratching your head wondering exactly what a great date with yourself might entail? Worry not—we have 38 ideas for your to choose from. Get ready to try one or two this weekend!

Fun Solo Date Ideas

1. Turn your home into a movie theater, complete with popcorn, your coziest blanket, and all the lights off, and watch your favorite movie. 

2. Curl up with a good book.

3. Visit an art museum or gallery, and spend as little or as much time as you want there.

4. Go shopping, and buy yourself a new outfit that sparks joy.

5. Go hiking.

6. Browse a bookstore in your city or town.

7. Make a really delicious, well-prepared meal that's just for you.

8. Light candles and write in your journal.

9. Get a manicure/pedicure.

10. Try a hobby you've been thinking about for a while.

11. Go for a walk on the beach and people watch.

12. Visit your local flower shop and buy yourself a beautiful bouquet

13. Try a pole dancing class (yes, really!)

14. Have a spa day. 

15. Do something that's been on your bucket list for a while.

16. Take yourself out to dinner.

17. Go sit at that coffee shop that plays your favorite smooth jazz and sip a cappuccino slowly and mindfully.

18. Go for a long drive with all the windows down.

19. Bake yourself your favorite dessert.

20. Take a bubble bath (bonus points if there are bath bombs involved).

21. Visit your local farmer's market.

22. Get dressed up and go see live music.

23. Go for a bike ride. 

24. Do a face mask.

25. Try a new fitness class. 

26. Work outside in your garden.

27. Play tourist in your own city and see a few sites

28. Take a solo road trip. 

29. Have a drink at your local wine bar.

30. Go rock climbing.

31. Visit your local animal shelter and play with puppies.

32. Walk down and interesting street in your neighborhood.

33. Go see a play or show.

34. Get an ice cream cone.

35. Take a cooking class.

36. Spruce up your living space.

37. Take yourself on a picnic.

38. Plan a tech-free weekend. No phones, computers, or TVs allowed! 



Why Solo Dates Are So Empowering

Solo dates are an important reminder that despite what we see on social media, your relationship status isn't the be-all end-all when it comes to having a good time. And even if you are partnered up, or have tons of friends who will do these activities with you, we'd venture to say that solo dates are just as important for you, because they're a reminder that you can have a blast by yourself. 

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