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  • OK the Disney inspired mood tracker, how fun is that? I have noticed tracking my mood has made me more aware that most days are not terrible, horrible, rotten days. I also used a mood that I named contented, calm, peaceful, for those days that I don’t feel really one way or another. Being contented is just as good for me as excited, productive, happy, or energized and I would consider all these to be “good days”. I also have seen that my “negative” days are few and shorter lived than I had thought previously, changing my attitude towards my general mood – kinda like see the glass a half full instead of empty. And by doing it as a whole day, rather than in the moment, it (pardon the Disney reference) allows me to let it go and focus on the rest of the day and often that changes my perception of the whole day!

    Rebecca JUL 27, 2020

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