The 11 Best Apps for People Who Like to Journal

The 11 Best Apps for People Who Like to Journal

While all of us at Silk + Sonder are fans of the pen-on-paper journaling style, digital journaling has its advantages, too, especially in today’s tech-driven world.

The beauty of journaling apps is that there’s something for everyone. For example, some apps are purely focused on self-reflection giving the user free rein to write whatever they wish. Others have thought-provoking prompts that inspire you to think in new ways. A few even have a mood tracking feature! 

If you’re ready to dabble in a digital journaling practice, here are some of the best apps to try out.

The Silk + Sonder app

We have to kick off this roundup with our favorite journaling app—the brand new Silk + Sonder app, which is built to equip you with the tools and resources you need to take you where you want to go. Complete with daily self-care activities, social opportunities, self-care bingo, daily affirmations, exclusive Silk + Sonder announcements and so much more, we highly recommend this app as the perfect companion and extension to our analog wellness journals. Available on iOS.   


Whether you prefer writing on your phone, tablet or computer, Diaro’s interface is easy to navigate across all platforms. This app has several fun features such as organizing your entries, attaching pictures to your entries, and you can customize the look and feel of your journal. Enjoy making it your own! Available on iOS and Google Play

Day One

Along with being easy to use, users love the beautiful designs of the entries and prompts for writing inspiration. The free version of Day One offers unlimited text entries and if you get the premium, you’ll also have access to video and audio entries. Available on iOS and Google Play


The stand-out feature for this app is the daily reflection prompt. Using principles of cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology (CBT) along with mindfulness techniques, Reflectly is perfect for those looking to combat negative thinking and shift into a healthier mindset. Available on iOs and Google Play

Prompted Journal

As the name suggests, Prompted Journal is full of prompts designed to make you reflect and raise your self-awareness. The first step to create positive, lasting change in your life is learning more about who you are. It’s being willing to look within, and do the inner work needed to heal. Prompted Journal allows you to do just that.  Available on iOS and Google Play


There are many well-known benefits of keeping a gratitude journal, which is why HappyFeed is focused entirely on gratitude. This app invites you to write down what you’re grateful for on a daily basis with the option of adding photos to your entries. Whenever you need a mood boost, all you have to do is click your “Happiness Jar” and it’ll show you a previous entry. Available on iOS and Google Play

Five Minute Journal

Inspired by the popular Five-Minute Journal notebook, the Five Minute Journal app is very simple yet effective. Each entry has three questions for you to answer to get your morning started off on a positive note. This app is great for those who only want to spend a few minutes journaling to reap the benefits. Available on iOS and Google Play 

Zinnia Creative Journal

If you’re a fan of writing with a pen and paper, The Zinnia Creative Journal app aims to provide a similar experience. And with a variety of designs, stickers, and templates to choose from, you’ll be able to customize your journal to reflect your personality. Available on iOS.


If you’re looking for a relaxing journaling experience, Reflect will help put you in the right frame of mind. Drawing from positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy, the app contains various prompts – some simple and others more in-depth with the goal to teach you more about who you are. Available on iOs and Google Play.


This app is designed for those who don’t enjoy writing long journal entries. On Daylio, an entry is two easy steps: logging your mood and activities. If you feel like writing more, there’s a notes section. As an added bonus, entries are backed up and can be exported to a PDF so you won’t lose anything. Available on iOS and Google Play


Designed based on mindfulness principles, Jour encourages daily self-reflection. This app makes it easy to incorporate journaling into your routine. Also, another great feature is well-being reports that help you keep track of your progress. Available on iOS.

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Great list! I’m totally going to try one. I’m currently waitlisted on the S&S app, but really looking forward to trying it. :)


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