What Does ‘Tranquility’ Really Mean? Dive Into Our August Theme With These 25 Affirmations + Journaling Promps

What Does ‘Tranquility’ Really Mean? Dive Into Our August Theme With These 25 Affirmations + Journaling Promps

August is a time of the year when you want to take a beat and slow down. The excitement and busyness of fall is right around the corner, but it hasn’t quite hit yet. 

In other words, August is the perfect month to embrace tranquility, which is why it’s Silk + Sonder’s August theme. The Oxford English Dictionary's definition of “tranquility” is “the quality or state of being tranquil, calm.” For some people, embracing a sense of tranquility comes easily in the month of August, while others may have to put more effort into achieving this elusive state. 

We have mini-meditations available on the Silk + Sonder app for this very reason, and we recommend everyone try them. And trust us, these are doable, even if you consider yourself “someone who doesn’t meditate.” Coloring can be a great way to do this as well, which is why we always have a coloring page in every new monthly journal

But in the meantime, positive affirmations—particularly peaceful affirmations—are a great way to bring the theme of tranquility into your day-to-day life. Try saying or writing any affirmations that speak to you every day (or most days) for the month of August. You may be surprised by how quickly they bring you a sense of tranquility. 

And if you want to take your journey a step further, we have found these 25 journaling prompts for tranquility, too. 

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25 Affirmations for Tranquility

  1. I am worthy of tranquility, and I embrace it fully.
  2. My mind is calm and serene, and I can handle any situation with grace.
  3. I release all worries and anxieties, allowing tranquility to fill my heart.
  4. I am at peace with my past, present, and future.
  5. Each breath I take brings me deeper into a state of tranquility.
  6. I let go of all that no longer serves me, making space for tranquility to thrive.
  7. I trust in the flow of life and find peace in every moment.
  8. Tranquility is my natural state, and I embrace it with gratitude.
  9. I am the master of my thoughts, and I choose tranquility over chaos.
  10. I create a tranquil environment around me, nurturing my inner peace.
  11. I release the need to control everything and find tranquility in surrender.
  12. Every challenge I face is an opportunity to grow and find inner peace.
  13. I am free from judgment, accepting myself and others with tranquility.
  14. My mind is a sanctuary of peace and positivity.
  15. I find tranquility in simplicity, embracing a clutter-free life.
  16. I let go of the need to rush, embracing the tranquility of living in the present moment.
  17. I forgive myself and others, releasing any emotional burdens for greater tranquility.
  18. My inner peace radiates outwards, positively affecting those around me.
  19. I am centered, grounded, and connected to the tranquility within.
  20. I release attachment to outcomes, finding peace in the journey itself.
  21. I surround myself with peaceful energy, inviting tranquility into my life.
  22. I am open to change, knowing that it can lead to greater tranquility.
  23. Each day, I make time for stillness and self-reflection to nurture tranquility.
  24. I am resilient, finding peace even in the face of adversity.
  25. Tranquility is my birthright, and I choose to embrace it fully every day.

25 Journaling Prompts for Tranquility

  1. What does tranquility mean to me? How do I define it in my own words?
  2. Reflect on a moment in my life when I felt the most serene and peaceful. What led to that feeling?
  3. What are some common triggers of stress and anxiety in my life? How can I navigate them with a sense of tranquility?
  4. Describe my ideal tranquil environment. How can I create elements of this space in my daily life?
  5. What activities or hobbies bring me a sense of calm and tranquility? How can I make more time for them?
  6. Write about a recent experience where I handled a challenging situation with tranquility. What did I learn from that experience?
  7. How do I react to uncertainty and change? How can I embrace these aspects of life with more tranquility?
  8. List five positive affirmations related to tranquility that resonate with me. How can I incorporate them into my daily routine?
  9. Reflect on a time when I forgave someone or myself. How did that act of forgiveness contribute to my sense of tranquility?
  10. Describe the thoughts and feelings that prevent me from experiencing tranquility. How can I reframe or release them?
  11. What self-care practices do I currently engage in, and how do they contribute to my tranquility? Are there new ones I can explore?
  12. Write about a nature scene or place that brings a deep sense of tranquility. Describe it in detail and how it makes me feel.
  13. What role does gratitude play in cultivating tranquility in my life? How can I practice gratitude more consistently?
  14. Reflect on a time when I practiced mindfulness or meditation. How did it affect my level of tranquility?
  15. Write a letter to my future self, describing the serene and tranquil life I envision.
  16. Identify three things or situations that consistently drain my energy and peace. How can I minimize or handle them differently?
  17. What are some mental or physical clutter in my life that hinders tranquility? How can I declutter and create more mental space?
  18. How can I set healthy boundaries to protect my tranquility and well-being?
  19. Write about a book, quote, or poem that speaks to the essence of tranquility for me. How can I apply its teachings in my life?
  20. What are my most significant sources of joy and contentment? How can I amplify these sources to enhance my tranquility?
  21. Reflect on a time when I offered kindness and compassion to others. How did it affect my inner sense of tranquility?
  22. Write about a challenging situation I am currently facing. How can I approach it with a mindset of tranquility and grace?
  23. What are my go-to relaxation techniques, and how effective are they in helping me find tranquility? Can I explore new methods?
  24. Write a list of activities or rituals I can incorporate into my morning or evening routine to promote tranquility throughout the day.
  25. Imagine my life filled with tranquility in all aspects. What changes or decisions can I make to move closer to that vision?

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