Want to Get Your Life Together? Start Here

Want to Get Your Life Together? Start Here

How to get your life together: If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, you may be wondering exactly what steps you need to take to lead a fulfilling life, and one that’s as free of negative thoughts as possible. If this sounds like you, we’ve got you covered with some actionable steps that will help your life feel together, whole, and complete.

Here are 12 ways to get your life together. 

1. Take care of your mental health

This point comes first, because it’s arguably the most important: Getting your life together starts with taking care of your mental health. Especially after the pandemic, most of us are struggling with our mental health in some way—so if this sounds like you, take the action steps you need to care for your mental health. This could mean talking to a mental health professional, it could mean getting more exercise or eating better. It could also mean getting on medication, if that’s something you want to discuss with your doctor. Remember, it’s hard to get your life together if your mental health isn’t taken care of.

2. Set big goals

Set small goals, too! Set goals for your life, so you always feel like you’re working toward something. Progress can feel really good, no matter what the form, so write down a few big goals for your life—and small ones that will help you get closer to them—and embrace them. 

3. Eat a diet packed with fruits and veggies 

We’re not just talking about this for weight loss purposes! If you want to get your life together, start by eating a healthy, clean diet, one full of nutrients like fruits and vegetables, and of course, the occasional indulgence. What’s life without dessert, after all? 

4. Prioritize personal growth

Similar to setting goals, prioritizing personal growth is important. If we constantly stayed the same, how would we ever grow? By putting personal growth first, we are constantly changing and expanding—and that helps us get our lives together, so to speak. 

5. Try to stop complaining

Sometimes we need to complain. Other times, complaining only makes things worse. So try this: Don’t complain for a month. At first, this might feel really hard. And while it’s unrealistic to think that you’ll never complain again in your life, a month-long experiment where you don’t complain can make you more conscious of your complaints and help you complain less long-term. 

6. Limit your time on social media

Social media is full of things to feel jealous of, from people’s vacations and sparkly jobs to their clothes, perfect homes, the list goes on and on. But remember: Social media will never show us the full picture, so stop treating it like it will. By spending less time scrolling, you’ll start to get your life together. 

7. Try to stop ruminating

Rumination can be our absolute worst enemy. We can grab onto something small and make it huge just by thinking and talking about it too much—so try to get better at letting things go if you can. Easier said than done, we know, but know this: Meditation can certainly help. 

8. Go to the doctor

No, this isn’t a fun one, but keeping up with annual checkups and dentist appointments is such an important element of self-care. By making sure you’re staying healthy, you can stop little issues from getting worse and catch anything dangerous early. So while going to the doctor isn’t anyone’s favorite task, trust on this—it’s very important. 

9. Continue to learn

Learning shouldn’t stop with school. Learning is a lifelong privilege, so learn as much as you can: Read new books, learn a new language, try a new method of exercise, take up cooking. Trust on this: There is always something new to learn. 

10. Practice gratitude

Gratitude grounds us and can bring us so much joy. So take out your gratitude journal and write out at least one thing you’re grateful for, and bonus points if you can find even more. 

11. Set boundaries 

Boundaries are everything. If you’re not setting boundaries, it’s hard to have a life that’s “together,” because you’ll always be at the mercy of other people’s wants and needs.

12. Keep your friends close

Social connections are truly everything. It’s hard to have a life that’s “together” if you’re not prioritizing close friendships and relationships, so always make sure to maintain social connections. Over time, you’ll find that they’re everything. 

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