53 Productive Things to Do Instead of Being on Social Media

53 Productive Things to Do Instead of Being on Social Media

Let's face it: Social media addiction is real. And although we know that there are tons of productive things we could do instead of social media, it's hard to resist the urge to go on social media first thing in the morning as we peruse our Instagram feeds and watch never-ending TikTok videos. 

And if you find yourself checking your social platforms throughout the day and late into the night, well ... you're not alone in that either. While we're all for spending time on social media—hey, there's a lot of great content there!—it's important to work toward doing it in moderation. If this sounds like you, here are 53 productive and relaxing things to do instead of spending time on social media.

What to Do Instead of Being on Social Media 

Here are 53 ideas: 

1. Create a vision board of all the things you want to call into your life

2. Write or draw in a bullet journal

3. Start a side hustle

4. Learn a new language

5. Find a new hobby

6. Meditate

7. Do a deep breathing exercise

8. Sleep in

9. Cook a delicious meal

10. Read a book

11. Free write

12. Plan a trip with friends and family

13. Go to a museum

14. Color

15. Listen to your favorite song

16. Dance around your bedroom

17. Go for a walk

18. Do yoga

19. Play a board game

20. Do the dishes

21. Call a friend

22. Make your bed

23. Write a poem

24. Go to the park and people watch

25. Make a to-do list for tomorrow

26. Make a gratitude list

27. Go to a concert or show

28. Do a crossword puzzle

29. Join a book club

30. Catch up on emails

31. Start a blog

32. Clean out your refrigerator

33. Set monthly goals

34. Declutter

35. Stretch

36. Take a bath

37. Make a playlist

38. Sip on a cup of tea

39. Play solitaire

40. Have a Netflix marathon

41. Make a bucket list

42. Go to a cafe and people watch

43. Go for a run

44. Play sudoku

45. Volunteer

46. Plan your next day

47. Go shopping

48. Go through your camera roll and delete photos

49. Garden

50. Visit your local farmer's market

51. Clean out a junk drawer

52. Learn to draw something

53. Stretch

How to Kick Your Mindless Scrolling Habit

While it's great to have the intention to replace social media with other activities, kicking a mindless scrolling habit is easier said than done ... especially because tapping into certain apps often feels automatic, and by nature, social media is addictive. In other words, once you start, it's hard to stop.

To get out of that mindless scrolling habit, start by deleting (or hiding) certain apps on your phone, and be careful of loopholes—like opening Instagram on your desktop browser and scrolling through there. 

If you do happen to open one of your social media apps or want to spend a certain amount of time on them every day to keep up with things (and hey, sometimes social media can make us really happy!), simply set a timer for 15 minutes, or however long you want to spend on the app, and get off of it when the timer's up.

You can also use you phone as a kind of timer and have it let you know when your time on an app is up. Just don't fall into the trap of extending that time! Trust us, with a little time and effort, you'll be spending a lot less tie on social media and more time doing real-life things that actually make you happy.


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