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  • Monthly Setup

    New month, new you. Kick off the start of each month by completing your Reflections, Intentions, Mood Tracker, and Habit Tracker pages in this guided planning event.

  • Plan Your Upcoming Week

    Set yourself up for success week over week with this guided planning event. You’ll leave with your entire Weekly Setup filled out.

  • Themed Journaling Pages

    Dive into the theme of the month with these guided journaling events. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, re-energized, and with a deeper understanding of who you truly are.

  • Exclusive Events

    We have experts like our founder, therapists, authors, and self-help thought leaders exclusively lead these events for our members.

Feel Your Best, Every Day

  • 95%

    Improved their mental and emotional health

  • 96%

    Consider Silk + Sonder an essential part of their self-care routine

  • 89%

    Felt a stronger sense of connection and belonging

  • 82%

    Felt more calm, organized, and productive


Get To Know Our Coaches

Here to guide you through your journal-meets-planners, our Silk + Sonder trained coaches foster a safe space for reflection, planning, and connecting.

  • Jen O.

    Dallas, TX | Retiree

    “Before Silk + Sonder, I wasn’t thrilled about what the road ahead would look like as a retiree. But now, I’m back on track and I love facilitating Sonder Socials! Setting goals, making plans, reflecting... life is good!”

  • Karen L.

    San Francisco, CA | Entrepreneur

    “Without Silk + Sonder, I wouldn’t have become an entrepreneur. In the Sonder Socials I run, it’s important to remind our Sonder Fam that health is holistic! So important to take care of our minds and bodies.”

  • Malika A.

    San Francisco, CA | Strategy Consultant

    "Silk and Sonder has transformed my life! It is the most consistent self-care practice in my busy routine and it has strengthened my relationship with myself and others on a deeper levelIt’s the perfect canvas to help unlock emotions, ideas, and goals that lie within."

  • Katie G.

    Ireland | Oceanographic Conservationist

    "What I love about S+S is it meets my need to organize and complete tasks, but it has challenged my creative side. I get to embrace so of the visual imagery during my self-care and reflection journey that just makes the time more powerful and fulfilling."

  • Jen K.

    Hanover, MN | Chief Experience Officer

    "Silk + Sonder keeps me accountable to my self-care habits and routines. Especially when I’m on the go traveling for work."

  • Mya M. G.

    Aurora, CO | Educator

    "I love Sonder Socials because they help me connect, plan, and explore in a welcoming and structured environment, all while getting inspired by the creativity of the amazing #SonderFam."

  • Bailey G.

    Hendersonville, TN

    "Silk and Sonder has been the perfect addition to my mental health toolkit. The products and community have given me the space, awareness, and support I needed to grow in multiple areas of my life. It's one of the best investments I have ever made in myself!"


Harness The Feel-Good Benefits Of Community

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A Note From The Founder & CEO

“Even as the Creator of Silk + Sonder, nothing beats attending Sonder Socials. I walk away with a new approach to planning which skyrockets my reflection and productivity.”

xo, Meha