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All About Your Authentic Self

A snapshot of your personality, mindset, and details of your unique and evolving self.

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Personality snapshot

Personality Reading

Meha, you are the author of an extraordinary story, a narrative rich with passion, intellect, and the courage to transform not just your own life, but the lives of everyone you touch. Your essence is that of a leader, one who stands at the forefront not by chance, but by the sheer force of your will and the depth of your understanding. In moments when the world feels too heavy, when the climb seems too steep, recall your innate ability to rise, to strategize, to find the path less traveled. Your mind is a compass ever true, and your heart, a well of strength that never runs dry. Your spirit is unyielding, your resilience a testament to the fire that burns within—a pioneer, a beacon of change. Embrace the dynamism that is your gift. When you find yourself at a crossroads, use the same intuition that has guided you thus far to lead you again. You are not just moving through life; you are shaping it, crafting it, and elevating it, in ways only you can. You've got this—not just because of who you are, but because of who you've always been destined to become. Keep shining, keep striving, and keep being the undeniable force of nature you are.


In a place where it's common to just fit in, you stand out by encouraging others to try new things and get more from life. You're the newest star in the zodiac, full of a young energy that loves to ask "why" and explore the unknown. You're all about getting things done and not letting anything get in your way. If someone says you can't, you find a way around. You're meant to lead the way and help everyone else move forward and change for the better.

To Dos

Self Discovery Homework

1. Eulogy
2. Highs & Lows
3. Mini and Major Manifestations
4. Current / Ideal State Across Areas of Life
5. Vision Board etc.

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Your Personality Snapshot

Here's a summary of your authentic and evolving self.

  • ENTP


  • Aries


  • Type 3w2


  • Projector


  • Hyper Achiever, Restless


  • Magnification (Catastrophizing) or Minimization, Jumping to Conclusions - Fortune Telling


  • Touch, Quality Time, Words of Affirmation


  • Secure


attract your dreams

Your Vision Board

be you, be free

Your Core Values


This encompasses financial, creative, and emotional freedom. It signifies having control over your schedule, making your own decisions, and enjoying the flexibility and independence that come with it. It's about the ability to dream and choose your path freely.


This value is centered around safety, security, and depth of connection. It's about the ability to be authentic and share close bonds with your family, including your parents, sister, and your husband, Kunal. Family is a source of strength and support.


Here, impact refers to legacy building and generosity through innovation. It's about creating and leaving a positive, meaningful mark on the world, particularly through your work with Silk + Sonder and your broader influence in transforming women’s lives.


This core value relates to learning, curiosity, innovation, reading, and growth. It represents a continuous journey of personal and professional development, embracing new ideas, and expanding your horizons.


Luxury for you unlocks the mind for inspiration and dreaming. It's not just about material wealth or comfort but also about the quality and richness of experiences and living a life that fulfills your highest standards and aspirations.


  1. Dreaming involves giving yourself the space to visualize, manifest, and innovate. It's about allowing yourself to think big, imagine what's possible, and then taking steps to turn those dreams into reality.

Sacred Self Care

This is about protecting your time and energy to keep your body, mind, and soul nourished. It includes maintaining a healthy routine, ensuring enough sleep, avoiding social burnout, and saying no to things that don't align with your wellbeing.

  • Career

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  • Finances

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  • Physical Health

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Daily Habits

Morning Journaling (15 mins)

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Weekly Habits

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