105 Habit Tracking Ideas

105 Habit Tracking Ideas

It’s hard to believe, but it's already 2023. And part of sticking to New Years resolutions or goals means forming—and sticking to—the right habits.

One of the most effective ways to form habits that you’ll actually stick to is through habit tracking, or keeping a written record (usually in a bullet journal) of how often you’re engaging in activity with the hope and intention that it will eventually become automatic. 

When we think of habit tracking, ideas like exercise, eating well, and getting more sleep probably come to mind — but there are a lot more habit tracking opportunities out there. Whether you’re looking for fresh ideas or you’re struggling to come up with any at all, we’ve got your covered. Here are 105 habit tracking ideas to try right now.

These can be things you want to do every day, once a week, or even once a month. As long as you know what the frequency looks like, you’ll you know if you’re on track. 

Habit tracking ideas

Personal habit tracking ideas

1. Went to bed on time

2. Took vitamins

3. Took medication

4. Slept with phone out of bedroom

5. Wrote in journal

6. Ate breakfast

7. Made coffee at home instead of getting a latte out

8. Cooked meals at home

9. Took the stairs

10. Parked far away

11. Washed face

12. Put together an outfit I loved

13. Went to therapy

14. Disconnected from all electronics an hour before bed

15, Meditated

16. Read a book

17. Read an article

18. Did something that scared you

19. Ate a healthy afternoon snack

20. Brushed teeth

21. Flossed teeth

22. Stretched

23. Put on makeup

24. Used essential oils

25. Didn’t make any impulse purchases

26. Didn’t eat sugar

27. Did an online HIIT workout

28. Went for a walk without phone

29. Went for a run

30. Did yoga

31. Did Pilates

32. Avoided caffeine after 12 p.m

33. Avoided caffeine completely

34. Avoided alcohol

35. Went outside

36. Slept for 8 hours

37. Took a walk

38. Took a shower

39. Limited social media use to 30 minutes

40. Took 10,000 steps

41. Didn’t smoke cigarettes

42. Kept track of meals for the day

Cleaning habit tracking ideas

43. Made the bed

44. Straightened up house

45. Washed the dishes

46. Watered plants

47. Did the laundry

48. Cleaned out the fridge

49. Organized closets

50. Hung up clothes

51. Put clothes in hamper

52. Wiped down all surfaces

53. Cleaned out car

54. Cleaned bathroom

55. Wiped down sink

56. Swept floor

57. Vacuumed

58. Mopped floor

59. Put groceries away

60 Straightened up kids’ rooms

61. Delegated chores/household tasks to family

62. Filled out “chore chart”

63. Took out trash

Career habit tracking ideas

64. Didn’t use social media during workday

65. Cleared out email inbox

66. Got through all tasks in a timely manner

67. “Slayed my dragon,” or tackled the worst task first

68. Enforced boundaries with a boss or coworker

69. Paused inbox to focus on work

70. Ended the workday an hour early

71. Started the workday an hour early

72. Paid attention in an important meeting

73. Made a positive connection with a colleague

74. Took a walk at lunchtime

75. Took a lunch break

76. Brought lunch to work 

Relationship habit tracking ideas 

77. Called a friend

78. Texted a friend

79. Had a date night

80. Didn’t use phone while out with friends

81. Said “I love you”

82. Went to couples therapy

83. Told a friend how much you appreciate them

84. Wrote a letter

85. Sent a voice memo

86. Sent a video message

87. Gave someone a compliment

88. Volunteered

89. Reached out to someone to make plans

90. Made an effort to form a new connection

91. Shared highs and lows of day/week with partner

92. Opened up about something that was bothering you

93. Got a “just because” gift for someone you love

94. Made cookies (or any other treat) for someone you care about

95. Held hands with your partner

96. Kissed your partner

97. Did something nice for your partner without them asking

98. Spent time with kids phone-free

99. Planned a fun family outing

100. Called a family member you haven’t talked to in a while

101. Spent a few minutes looking a your vision board.

102. Smiled a a stranger

103. Spent time doing absolutely nothing

104. Didn't drink soda

105. Did a random act of kindness



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